Looking at the Home Stretch

Is this how the butterfly feels
Moments before bursting forth
Constriction and anticipation
Metamorphosis complete
Yet the final form crumpled
Unrealized potential
A gasp of breath
Unfolding into glory

As I wrap up week 2 in the count down to retirement I feel an uncertainty and a rush of excitement. There are only 5 work days left in this phase of my life. It will be so strange to find myself with no early morning commitments. I won’t have that mad rush to get to work and no sharp increase in blood pressure or heart rate when traffic threatens to make me late. I have plans to continue at the university in an on-call position. I can’t start until September 30th but the time will certainly fly. There are new routines to establish, trips to take, people to visit, geocaches to find, and adventures just around the corner. I’m going to give myself a few days post-retirement to unfurl my wings and catch my breath. Then I’m going to be very busy doing what I want to do…

28 thoughts on “Looking at the Home Stretch

        1. I’ve been hearing that from various people and it just makes me laugh. They are a little selfish since they don’t want me to go but I know they appreciate me so I’m not offended…

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  1. Good luck! I often feel on call as an adjunct! But since I am on call with two universities, that is a good position. Nice to retire but nice to have some things planned to look forward to. My stepson had an interview down our way for a big position but it looks as if he might be moving now with the grandchildren to Delaware of Arizona. I can’t believe all the interview he has gotten!! Keeping busy.


    1. There are more jobs than qualified candidates… If he is a good worker, he can probably write his own ticket!! I hope he takes a job that he will enjoy and preferably one near you – makes it more fun to have the grand kids around!

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  2. That IS an exciting time — A week from Tuesday will mark my 15th anniversary of retirement, and it’s been a major change from the working days. Travel, caretaking (my mother), more travel, comtemplating a move that didn’t happen, more travel, and many quiet days of enjoyment! I wish for you a very happy “rest of your life”!


  3. Oddly, without the time pressure of a job to go to on Monday, you might suffer, as I did, from “I Can Do This Anytime Syndrome.” I used to plan ahead and squeeze things into my busy schedule because I HAD to. Now, if I’m not feeling it when some activity rolls around, I tell myself it’s OK to cancel because I can do it anytime. And when every day is a stress-free vacation, there is less of a need to “get away from it all.” I don’t rush around DOING anymore, I just BE, deriving maximum enjoyment from everyday life. That said, I have far fewer extracurricular activities to my credit since retirement. You probably don’t get it yet, Madame Butterfly, but once you have unfurled and allowed yourself to settle in, you will. I loved your poem. Before I separated from the military, I contributed a block to our workplace quilt–a butterfly above the words “Finally Free.” šŸ™‚

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    1. I’m not a procrastinator so I doubt that will change. I will however relish the ability to sleep in (for as long as my bladder will allow). There are several projects that I have not had the time or energy to tackle that are on the docket. After I paint the spot on the ceiling hat’s been bugging me for the last 7 months, I have to roll up my sleeves and tackle the “man cave” that hasn’t seen a mop or broom in several years (out of respect for his space). But when the dust bunnies start attacking it is time for eradication!

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    1. I’m not sure of the age cutoff but the younger workers are in it until 67. Partly because of extended life spans but also because the government is trying to raid social security (they need more paying in so will extend the time workers need to contribute)…


  4. Been there done that and felt that nervous excitement. I wish you all the best Val. Knowing you, I am sure you will do everything possible to make your retired life the most envied and pleasant experience. Love and hugs.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I know there will be an adjustment period but I’m looking forward to it! I got a wonderful send off even if the big boss wasn’t in attendance. In fact none of the bigwigs that were invited showed up. Lucky for me I informally invited many to “crash the party” so there was a big group!


    1. I’m hoping to be able to do some fun expeditions – Sparky just bought a new bike and he wants me to get a new one too. He has biking adventures on the brain… I however am loathe to retire my longtime Columbia 3 speed English touring bike that I got for my birthday my 6th grade year (12th B’day). But the gears don’t work anymore and the brakes are wonky which with the skinny tires makes for a less stable ride (one big pebble and I could end up on the pavement). So I might be getting a bike… Any suggestions for comfort and style and of course reliability?


  5. Good!

    On Fri, Jun 21, 2019 at 7:54 AM A Different Perspective wrote:

    > murisopsis posted: “Is this how the butterfly feels Moments before > bursting forth Constriction and anticipation Metamorphosis complete Yet the > final form crumpled Unrealized potential A gasp of breath Unfolding into > glory As I wrap up week 2 in the count down to re” >


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