Looking Back at Texas

I had a great time in Texas with Geowoodstock XVII and Sparky and saintvi and Joyouswind. We posed with statues and signed the “log” to prove we had attended the event.
We ate barbecue at every turn. But before long we were very hungry for something that wasn’t classified as BBQ.

So we sought out alternatives like the Japan Sushi restaurant. It was pricey but so very good. Sparky even got a salad there. They said it was a small salad but it was huge! Below in the first photo was the Rainbow roll (salmon, shrimp, swordfish on top of YumYum crabstick and cucumber. The second is of the Vegas roll (cream cheese, smoked eel, and diced shrimp tempura battered and deep fried with eel sauce on top). The third photo is the Rodeo roll (inside was chopped fish, cucumber, tempura asparagus. Over the top was shredded imitation crab stick with Japanese mustard, strawberry sauce, and tempura crunch). It was very tasty.
We went to Waco, Austin and Houston to do some geocaching. We visited a cache that was in a remote and very rugged area. The property is owned by a billionaire (who just happens to love geocaching). We had a hoot hiking back to the cache…
The entrance – foreboding!          Guess he never made it underground! Neither did the next guy.
Tied to a tree to die. He’s waving. Buried up to his neck….            At least these had a proper burial.
Simple headstones…      The chef is cooking up something evil!      The rich had elaborate tombs.
Inside the fancy tomb was this guy resting in peace…. then there was this one escaping the grave!
Finally the cache – an imposing structure with an observation deck on top. And inside? A treasure trove of swag carefully guarded by spirits and skeletons both kindly and unwelcoming! You know it is a rich cacher’s hide when there is a commemorative penny press available to make your own special reminder of your visit!!

I’d add the other stuff we did but this post is too long already. The next one will be about the downside of the trip…

Looking at the Road Trip

She stayed up late to complete the packing and to load the car. Once in bed she couldn’t sleep. By turns she replayed the attack on Mister, her sister’s bad jokes and pranks at her expense, and the lawyer’s list. All these things played before the mind’s eye until she gave up on sleep. Rolling out of bed, she determined that she couldn’t change the past but she could assemble the documents the law firm needed. Rummaging through her filing cabinet and lock box produced all the necessary papers save one. Booting up the computer she made a request for documents from the clerk’s office for her sister’s death certificate. For a brief moment she wondered if this was one last grand prank, to make her do all the paperwork so that Aurora could swoop in at the last moment and claim the money from her. That would be just like her. She dismissed the thought. Aurora was buried in a coffin in the ground. She was not Houdini to escape the coffin nor was she Lazarus back from the dead. Closing the laptop she closed that train of thought. Yawning she crawled back under the covers and closed her eyes to try to find sleep one more time. She dozed off thinking Mister was curled up warm against her legs at the foot of the bed. In her dream Mister was tapping her cheek with his paw and then stepped over her face dragging his belly across her nose. She opened her eyes. He wasn’t there. Then the alarm went off. She silenced the alarm and rushed to shower and dress. It was going to be a 3 hour drive to the university and she needed to get there on time. Even though she had only had a scant 4 hours of sleep she felt energized. All she had to do was grab the cooler and throw it into the backseat. She was at the clinic five minutes before they unlocked the front door. Five minutes later Mister was ensconced in the front seat. His IV fluids hung from the oh-Jesus bar and he was wrapped in a blanket nestled in a carrier. She strapped the seatbelt around the carrier, just to be safe. With a large manila envelope containing his x-rays and medical history in hand, she was on her way. It was a long trip but Mister never complained, even when Lu turned on the radio and sang loudly to keep herself alert.

Here is the long anticipated road trip – Lu and Mister together again, on the way to better health, with hope and optimism on the horizon. Good thing Lu brought her sun glasses…

Looking at Pathtags

I was very happy that my pathtag was completed and shipped in time for GeoWoodstock XVII. I designed it all by myself. Although there are a few things I’d do a little differently if I could go back in time, I’m very happy with the end product!

I was able to trade with some other cachers at the Midnight Madness Event and now have a fist full of unique and beautiful pathtags to add to my collection. The first one I added was saintvi’s pathtag based on the Firefly TV show complete with the Serenity vessel in the background!

On the down side of pathtag trading is the sneaky extag that some people purchase. I’m not a fan. These tags sometimes are the same size and shape as a pathtag but they can’t be logged on the same website. The thing about extags is that they are irregularly shaped with no hole to wear them as a necklace or hang on your key chain. I ended up with two extags – one the size of a half dollar that I managed to trade one with a guy who was specifically trading for them. The other was a sneaky trade. I thought I was getting a pathtag but alas it wasn’t.

Other highlights of the trip included having dinner with Josh the Geocaching Vlogger. He is a bigger than life presence in the geocaching community. It is his influence that resulted in me doing the “cache pants dance” while saintvi captured it on film. I’m thankful she hasn’t shown it to anyone. Then again she may be holding onto it as leverage/blackmail… We participated in several geocaching flash mobs. I even did my best to “dress like a cowboy (cowgirl) for one. I’m not sure how authentic I was but I gave it a try. We geocached from Fort Worth to Waco and then Austin as we traveled to Houston so that Sparky could get his NASA fix. I did enjoy the Texas barbecue but I’ve had enough for a long time (3 meals in 3 days is too much of a good thing). As for country music – I’m not a fan especially when too loud to even hear yourself think (live band). All the radio stations were country.  They’ve never heard of Fleet Foxes, Flaming Lips, or White Stripes. I think all the radios would burst into flames if they had to broadcast the Beatles and there would be some sort of nuclear detonation if the strains of the Rolling Stones went out over the airwaves. (rant over). They always talk about a dry heat in the Southwest. They weren’t talking about Texas. It was in the high 80 – 90s with a humidity level hovering between 65 and 75%. It was brutal. And there was some rain but not where we were and the tornadoes that we had worried about were long gone although the flooding was still an issue.