Looking to Party

I am partied out! And yet there are more parties to go. It started back in June. There was the retirement party for the EM director (6-19). Three days later was a going away party for a wonderful young woman from church – moving back to her home town (6-22). Then there was my retirement party (6-26) and 2 days later the going away luncheon with my coworkers (6-28). That was followed by a July 3rd get together and fireworks with saintvi (always a great time!). The next day was a big 4th of July party at the home of my past & future employer. The day after that was the “Meet Me On The Island” party and fireworks (7-5). Soon it will be son#1’s birthday with a celebration (not a full fledged party since we only do that on odd numbered birthdays and only until the age of 13).  *pant*  Not to be skipped is the “Burgers, Bibles, and Beer” event at “the Parish that parties” held every Wednesday in June and July (except last week due to the 4th). I made a delicious and delightful item to carry in (carrot halwa) that generated many requests for the recipe. Then in five days will be the WLJ – AWLB4A (7-17). This is a party sponsored by the research department. It is always held in July because WLJ (We Love July) and it is when the VP for Research has his birthday. Every year they add an acronym and we all have to try to guess what is stands for. I’m pretty sure the 4A is for all, but I’m still noodling the rest. I put in one guess but I may send in a second guess (Another Wonderful Lovely Barbecue For All)?? And I got an invitation for the Staff Appreciation Lunch in the Stadium for 7-26. I didn’t get to attend last time because they scheduled it in the midst of a big project that didn’t have more than 30 minutes allotted for lunch! So I intend to go to this one. Besides it will give me the chance to see some of my coworkers. At that point I’m going to need to rest before making plans for our trip to PA for the wedding of a nephew. Oh and my private retirement shindig? Well, I’m trying to schedule that in the midst of all the other parties! All these parties are going to destroy my reputation as a stick in the mud and they’re going to change my theme song to “Wild Thing”!

32 thoughts on “Looking to Party

  1. “Burgers, Bibles, and beer” sounds like fun. Betcha don’t need a keg for that one! Reminds me of my childhood New Years parties where my folks, aunts and uncles, would pass around a tiny bottle of some very inexpensive liquor, each taking a sip (most of the aunts demurring, some of the cheekier kids clamoring for a taste). At the end of the evening, the now 3/4 full bottle was put away for next year. Oh, yeah, we protestants KNOW how to party!

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    1. Actually they do! The saying “where 3 or more are gathered in my name… there is a fifth.” is applicable in the case of the Catholics (and the Lutherans are no strangers to this spirit either). hehe!


  2. So many parties. We are going to a surf and turf this weekend with the family. That is about all the parties I am looking forward to. I did enjoy the impomptu ones overseas while working in UAE and Korea. They were fun but those days are past and I am not sure I feel the same way about “parties.” I kind of like a party of two or a small group.

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    1. I actually enjoyed all the July parties so far. They were smaller gatherings with people I really like! The WLJ party is a big one but there are so many activities going on that you can be busy doing things and not have to bother with the unpleasant aspects/people…

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      1. Oh, I always like going to parties with strangers as you get to meet new people. The most interesting party I ever went to was in Abu Dhabi at a beautiful outdoor facility with lots of international people. It was really interesting! We were all teachers from Australia, Asia, Canada, the States, Europe, etc.


    1. I’m hoping to do something like that in August or maybe for my anniversary in early September. August is the wedding in PA and then a visit with my mother… Still lots on my to do list!


    1. It seems like There are so many parties that I can’t get things accomplished. I managed to reline all my cupboards (and wipe them down inside and out) today. I even weeded out some items that I don’t use any more… I am waffling on keeping the waffle maker and the George Foreman grill…


    1. The food is always incredible – especially at the WLJ party. In past years they made ice cream with liquid nitrogen, had custom made guacamole, a cheesecake bar, and once they had an all seafood station with scallops and shrimp seared with little propane torches… very fancy! I’m curious what this year will be since it is at a state park and held in a barn. Maybe a hog roast?? I’ll let everyone know…


    1. Absolutely! My husband is a “freegan” of sorts. He never turns down free food, always takes the leftovers when we eat out, and has never thrown away a piece of fruit (says the ultra ripe spots are the best). He enjoys these parties when there is food involved…


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