Looking Numb

She couldn’t remember clearly everything that happened. There were papers to sign. Someone carried her cat carrier to her car. She heard things as if she were underwater, garbled and distant. The box was surprisingly light as she put it on the front seat. There was no purpose but she buckled the seatbelt around the box anyway. The trip home was a blur. She recalled turning on the windshield wipers but she couldn’t see any clearer. It wasn’t raining she was just crying that hard. She sat for a long time in the garage. She finally determined that keeping Mister in the car would be better than taking him inside. It was a practical decision. She had always thought of herself as logical. She was the level headed one, the rule follower, the honest and dependable twin. The bitter one was what she had become. She was alone in the world now. With Mister gone she was an orphan. Perhaps there was a God, she thought. If so he’s more like Loki than the images painted on church ceilings. Entering the house she hadn’t realized that she was so angry until the force of the door slamming made her jump. Waffling between anger and helplessness, she sank into a chair. It was starting to get dark and she didn’t see any use in turning on the lights. She sat there unmoving while her thoughts swirled. On one hand she could give up. Or she could fight. She had never fought or even fought back. When her sister bullied her she just took it. When things got hard, she retreated. Her whole life she gave in and gave up. When Mister fought she had hidden. He fought and it cost him. Her phone started vibrating in her pocket and brought her back to the present.

I know this is a sad story now but not all stories are rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes there are storms and in Lu’s case tornadoes and tsunamis. Don’t sink and drown in sadness, swim little fishes!

9 thoughts on “Looking Numb

      1. Yes there does. In my story a stalker brings that to the first part of the book and the second half h
        Is because my female lead is stuck on my males lead ranch while his job takes him away for six weeks


        1. I imagine you have personal experience with that kind of situation… It is always good to be able to write from experience or personal observation. It does bring believability and a bit of realism to the story and to the characters!


  1. You’re a good storyteller my daughter. I’m looking forward to seeing how she recovers from this heartBreak.


    1. Like I’ve said before a story of all rainbows and butterflies id pretty boring. There has to be conflict, growth and challenge to make it interesting (and realistic).


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