Looking at Recipes

Deciphering the ingredient list
Is as tough as it can be
But the measurement conversion
Is more than beastly!

I swear that Bon Appétit dishes must come
From a grimoire or book on alchemy
Why else place in the pot orach and maca
Mixed with saffron, spirulina and jaggery?

Although the end result is splendid
A tasty dish to serve
The expenditure of energy and funds
Depletes patience and mental reserve.

For this alone I have decided to disavow
And cancel my subscription
The effort expended does not translate
To satisfy a gastronomic addiction.

OK. So I made a delightful dish from the Bon Appétit that was supposed to be easy and delicious. It wasn’t that easy and although I thought is was delicious, Sparky was lukewarm. He has some issues with any white sauces (bechamel, alfredo, etc.) so he was not sold on it based simply on the appearance. He also wasn’t a fan of the pasta I used (as recommended by the recipe), bucatini. So already 2 strikes against this dish. The final blow was that I didn’t add any meat to it. It was however a nice change and had lots of flavor, Bucatini in White Pesto.

Since that didn’t turn out so well I was a bit gun shy to try another one. However I decided to go for it. After reading the ingredient list for Linguine with Green Olive Sauce I was disheartened. I mean I had green olives on hand but they weren’t the kind that the recipe called for. Neither did I have the anchovy filets, the fresh dill, basil, and parsley, the fresh lemon zest and juice, capers, or even the panko crumbs. I checked another one, Falafel Fritters with Cucumber and Yogurt Sauce. It sounded like something Sparky would really enjoy. Sadly I lacked the Persian cucumbers, the fresh parsley and the fresh lemon zest and juice that would make this so tasty. I spent nearly 3 hours searching for a new and acceptable recipe flipping through magazine after magazine. I went through Bon Appétit from 2018 and 2019, then Martha Stewart Living from Nov 2018 to this month, followed by every edition of Taste of Home I had in my magazine rack. I didn’t find a new recipe but I pitched into the recycle bin a bunch of magazines that were taking up space. Last night I made a favorite – Chicken Lentil Burgers.

16 thoughts on “Looking at Recipes

  1. Unlike you I dislike cooking period. So many things I used to be able to taste Wil doesn’t like. Worse my back has kicked up a fuss so standing on my feet is not of my desire.


    1. Sorry to hear that! I’ve heard from others that the sense of taste wanes as you age – thus spicy and strongly seasoned food is preferred but the digestive system can’t handle it! Quite the conundrum. Sorry that your back is acting up again/still.


  2. Trying new recipes can be hard. Especially when you live in a meat and potatoes region so ingredients you find in some of the fancier recipes you have to order online. You will never find them locally. Organic is non existant here for health nuts.


    1. I don’t like the recipes that call for an ingredient that I’ll never use except in the one recipe! The winners in my book are the ones that use everyday things. That probably explains the recipes that utilize cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, or tomato soup…


  3. Oh Val… I would have totally used the olives on hand, lemon peel from my spice rack, lemon juice from a bottle in the fridge, and dried herbs if they were to be cooked into the recipe. I also routinely replace cream with lactose-free milk. The only thing I’m really picky about is using real butter for baking and sauces. You shouldn’t have to spend more money on ingredients than you’d pay for a meal at a nice restaurant.


    1. I’ve done just that but for most of these recipes they were used uncooked and tossed into the sauce just before serving… It just wasn’t in the cards. I’m still updating my recipe box. I plan on reorganizing it (don’t laugh) and trying some ancient recipes that I have from high school. If they are good they stay otherwise they are ‘outta here’!


    1. That is another blogger that has the chef boyfriend. Mine is actually a retired programmer analyst turned college lecturer working at the library for snicks and giggles. (He gets to play with the 3D printing, virtual reality, recording studio, VHS conversion to DVD, and all the computer stuff when patrons need help with powerpoint/excel/photoshop software!) He is totally in geek heaven!

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  4. I was laughing at reading you, Val , fighting to make dishes following a kind of Italian recipes with a lot of exotic vegetables !! : Without forget the measures unities !!
    However your dish with pasta had a personal touch : this looks like an orbitoïde ( orb ) . Not sure That Sparky loved this oceanic perfume.
    Finally after your investigation in the new recipes a good old Chicken Lentil Burger, makes you both pleased . 🙂
    Love ❤


    1. I’m pleased you could laugh! So many recipes are too complicated. I suppose there is a time and place for the fancy menu but even retired I tend toward the easy meals…


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