Looking Exercised

Last week I took a tour of the university fitness center. It has been open less than a year and with all the other things going on I never went during the open house. I met a former coworker and she showed me around. It isn’t as open as the old fitness center (which was renovated for the women’s basket ball practice facility). The old track was bigger (6 laps = 1 mile) and had windows looking over campus on 3 sides. This track isn’t oval it is winding and narrow with the feel that you are walking through hallways. There are maybe 3 small windows and the rest of the time it is just walls with bright lights. There are however so many machines of all types. Some of the machines are very complicated. It is a little intimidating but there are people manning the desk who are able to assist me. I guess the news is that I’m going to exercise 3 times a week. This is my first week. I’m going to just do the walking track to start. Walking is a low impact exercise. I used to walk and it afforded me time to clear my head and concentrate on a single topic – almost a meditation. I’m sorting my poems into categories in hopes to assemble a booklet. I really need to give it some deep thought on the direction I want to go. The by-products of this exercise regime should be better cardio fitness, clarity of thought, and even some toning of muscles. If all goes well I should feel fabulous and have accomplished a book ready for publication.

23 thoughts on “Looking Exercised

    1. Thanks. It was very nice. The treadmills all had TVs with Netflix, Hulu and network programming. In addition the default program takes you on a walk/run through the woods, along a river, through hills and valleys. It reminded me of Minnesota (in the summer)! I’m wondering if the scenery changes with the seasons…


    1. Thanks. I was trying to find my speed and get into a groove so not much deep thought today but now that I know how the treadmill works I’m planning on letting my mind wander next time…


    1. I love to walk outside but the sweltering heat, stifling humidity, and the swarms of blood thirsty mosquitoes makes it uncomfortable. I’m not in good enough shape to outrun the bugs. Besides I’m very pale. After about 10 minutes in full sun I have a pretty bad burn. Walking for an hour would be, um, painful (even with sunscreen) unless I walk at 9:30 pm. We usually go for a sundown walk but since my neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks we have to walk in the street – not so safe after dark…


  1. Good for you!!! On both the regular exercise AND THE PROPOSED BOOK! (Or “booklet” of which I will purchase some autographed copies to give as gifts.)


    1. Thanks Gary! I do hope the book is good and at least a little interesting. The fitness center is really nice but it has a small (or huge according to Sparky) flaw in the design – namely there is not good air circulation so if you sweat there will be puddles forming around you. I suppose since I’m a lady I don’t sweat bucket like my husband!

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