Looking at Artistic Efforts

I nearly missed my opportunity to continue with a summer ceramics session! With the hoopla for my retirement and the whirlwind of activity involving weddings etc. I missed the sign-up deadline for classes. I realized my mistake by the second week of class (in an 8 week semester). I made a visit to the class instructor and found out that there was going to be a compressed class schedule (meeting twice a week for 4 weeks) starting in 2 weeks. I was elated and then deflated. You see the planned trip for the wedding would mean I’d miss a class or possibly two! By talking to the instructor I arranged to start my class a week early and make up for missing the other session(s). Everything was handled and I was very productive. But there are glitches. I made 7 orbs, 3 wall plaques, and a whistle but only 4 have made it through the glaze firing – – so far.

This is my version of Coronasphaera maxima, a coccolith found in the Gulf of Mexico. This was made using a dark stoneware clay body and glazed with Semi-Matte Blue in the bottom of the cups then immersed for a quick dip in Turner’s Celadon. The result was delightful. It almost looks like Rutile Blue inside but without the tendency to run! Sadly the photo doesn’t do it justice!

This next one is a repeat that I did back in 2014, Alveosphaera bimurata again from the Gulf of Mexico. I wanted to try a glaze that is available for a limited time only (the ingredients are too expensive to make it a regular option). It is called Milk Glass Glaze and when fired turns a milky blue-grey. Because there was only a little left I opted to only put it in the interior places on this orb. The majority of the piece has a red iron oxide stain applied. I put it on thickly and the result is a rich metallic sheen. Although it isn’t very flashy, this is the one that got “oohs” and “aahs” from the kiln tech and instructor.

21 thoughts on “Looking at Artistic Efforts

    1. Thanks tons! I’m tickled you like them! They are both the size of an orange. The coccoliths they represent are microscopic – about the width of 8 red blood cells lined up…


    1. They turned out better than I imagined (which is a wonderful event)! I don’t think I’ll be taking them to the garden as they would get lost in the vegetation. I have yard beads the size of volleyballs that stand guard over the back garden… These are only the size of an orange so they might disappear if left in the garden outside!!

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    1. They are only about 3″- 3.5″ across. Sort of the size of a large orange. They aren’t too heavy since they are hollow. I’ve made large ones butthey take up too much room!


    1. Thanks! I’ve enrolled in the next session already. (I’m not going to miss another deadline!) I’m thinking I should revisit the fungus world… Then again I’m toying with doing some jewelry…


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