Looking for the Light

Growing up in rural Indiana with a corn field in my backyard, summers were filled with a special delight. As dusk started to settle the lightening bugs would appear and disappear. They would flash on and off mimicking the twinkling stars far above. We would race around the yard trying to capture them. Once enclosed in cupped hands they would blink and illuminate the spaces between your fingers. This created lanterns of little hands which would fascinate us. Eventually we would open our hands to better see the lightening bugs and they would fly away. As I’ve gotten older the number of lightening bugs has diminished. There was an article blaming their decrease on light pollution. Seems the flashing light is their way of attracting a mate. If there is too much extra light they can’t find each other! That of course leads to fewer bugs in the next generation. All of this talk is because we have had a huge number of lightening bugs this year.

There are so many that three times in one week I stumbled out of bed in the early hours of the morning (2 or 3 AM) only to be surprised, startled, and terrorized by errant lightening bugs in my bathroom! Imagine being half awake and groping your way to the toilet (no lights out of consideration for your slumbering spouse). As you are sitting on the throne a small light comes on in your peripheral visual field. You swivel your head and strain to see where it is. There is no light. You think it must have been your imagination. Then right in front of you there is another blink of light! You freeze. Your heart pounds. Was a recording device activated in your bathroom?? Suddenly it appears again, this time on your bare knee. You realize what it is but not before your heart rate has peaked at 160 bpm. You are on high alert and with the toilet paper in your hand, you pounce on the light and promptly flush the blinking intruder down the toilet. The next time is not so scary and by the third time it happens you barely acknowledge the bug. I feel a little guilty for flushing them but I have a strict “no bug” policy in my bathroom!

26 thoughts on “Looking for the Light

  1. Funny!
    Agree on the no bugs policy, even if I can’t seem to make it happen.
    Anyhow. You’ve reminded me of a story. Spouseman and I were staying in a cabin one night. I woke up in the middle of the night to a bazillion little white lights outside the window. I woke him up because I thought they were aliens.
    They weren’t.


            1. WOW! Those must be some big flies!!Sparky got bit on his hand and that was the cause for his bike accident so I can imagine it is awful. Fortunately we don’t have many biting flies…


            1. Too bad as I know there are lightening bugs in Asia. I suppose they only hang out in wooded areas but I’d love to witness the synchronous flashing where they all flash together unlike the common ones here that flash randomly…

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  2. I don’t remember seeing any this year. But I don’t remember when they show up, may be to hot still.

    You do know if you caught the bug you could of opened a window and released it..:-)


    1. I could catch and release if there was a window – the bathroom is windowless and the bedroom window has an air conditioner that would fall 2 stories if I tried to open the window… I suspect they are entering from the ceiling vent (shudder). At least this year so far (knocks on wood) there haven’t been any stink bugs dive bombing me!!


  3. Ha! Used to capture them in a mayo jar as a kid but haven’t seen many around the ‘burbs where I live now. I too have a no bug policy in my house–especially spiders. πŸ•·οΈπŸ•ΈοΈπŸ‘€


    1. Absolutely NO spiders allowed!! I will wake Sparky to kill spiders. So far there haven’t been any spiders bold enough to show themselves. They know that if they trespass in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen it is a death sentence!!


  4. Corn Fields? Do you not realize that almost 100% of rural based hatchet movies start in corn fields? Did you even SEE “Children of the Corn”? Should have changed over to Soy. Nothing ever happened in a Soy Field. Even Tornadoes avoid Soy Fields ’cause there is nothing to destroy.


    1. Really? I grew up in corn fields and they are really nice places… I can’t help but think you watch too many horror movies. As for soybean fields – they are the worst for nasty beetles that are like armored flying tanks that will pelt you and get in your hair and crawl down your shirt!


    1. I’m OK with some bugs but others must die if they dare intrude into the “no bug” zone. Sparky tends to be a catch and release guy and I’m fine with that as long as he actually catches them. Once he was going to “relocate” a large spider. Instead of capturing it he managed to allow it to escape and roam around my kitchen… I was not happy!

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