Looking to Lawyer-Up

Her foremost and pressing problem was of income and insurance. She figured that she would approach the HR people after the meeting with the lawyer. And all that would have to wait until Monday anyway. A little more organizing and a satisfying dinner took all the energy she had left. She made the bed and hung her new clothes still warm from the dryer in the closet before going to sleep. Again she woke before the alarm. Monday was just the beginning. Showered and dressed in what she called her “power outfit” she was ready to take on the world. She had a short moment of hesitation when she spotted her reflection in the car window. A deep breath and she conquered her trepidation.

She slid into the car; the red pants punctuation for her new style. The heavy black coat had new life with a bright scarf and large brooch turning it from pseudo military to trendy fashion statement. She gave herself a pep talk on the drive to the law office. She tried to remember that perky woman’s name but it wouldn’t come. She was going to have to try harder to keep track of those kinds of details. Once at Polder and Swale, the perky woman didn’t offer her coffee but instead offered cookies and the big bowl of chocolates. She screwed up her courage and admitted she couldn’t remember the perky woman’s name. A pleasant conversation resulted and Lu admitted that her name was not George but Lucile and she committed Lily’s name to memory.

When the lawyer came in Lu laid out the events on Friday. She produced the audio recording. The lawyer at first was uninterested but after hearing the recording and again asking the name of the company, he was practically salivating. He called in a couple of other attorneys and they listened to the recording. Lu didn’t understand exactly what they were discussing among themselves but she could feel the excitement. She finally interrupted their conversation with the simple question, “Is there anything you can do to help me?” Mr. Swale didn’t look blasé anymore. His eyes were shining as he responded, “Ms. Dupin, what do you want us to accomplish? Do you want your job back, a large settlement for wrongful termination or a judgement against them for discrimination?” Lu wasn’t sure what she really wanted but it all sounded good so she replied, “Yes.” Mr. Swale nodded as he looked around at his colleagues. “Very well, we’ll take this on. I’ll have Ms. Przybyszewski come in and explain the fee schedule and get some additional information.” With that he gave her a toothy smile that had a touch of sinister at the corners and left the room.

It had all happened so quickly that she felt dizzy. She leaned back in her chair and contemplated the chocolates. Throwing caution to the wind, she dug down to the dark chocolate truffle and was soon biting it in half. She had to laugh a little because as soon as she popped the other half into her mouth, Lily appeared. That was her usual luck. It was reassuring to know that some things were the same. She was given a huge stack of papers to sign which she took her time reading before putting her signature on the bottom. Then Lily explained all the documentation that the law office would need from the company. She cautioned Lu not to mention having consulted with a lawyer to the HR department. She also gave Lu a print out of those things she was legally entitled to have including copies of all her job performance reviews. The perkiness in Lily was replaced with efficiency and Lu could now appreciate her help. Finally she finished and was ready to leave when Lily advised her to take the initial COBRA insurance HR would offer. When Lu pressed her for a reason Lily replied that at least for the next 18 months she would be covered. Lily made it clear that some of these cases dragged on for years. It was disheartening to think that she would need to try to find a new position while the specter of this last job hovered in the background. As she left, she grabbed a couple more chocolates for the road.

Lu is getting serious about getting even. Although it is satisfying to fantasize about strangling her boss or maybe just slashing the tires, Lu is a law abiding citizen. She may rant about how stupid her species is on the whole and how stupid certain individuals may be, but she is no criminal. She is civilized. She is going to sue the pants off them!!

I would be remiss if I didn’t ask that as you finish reading this blog you take a moment to pause and reflect on the events that occurred on this date in 2001. I continue to pray for peace and justice…

17 thoughts on “Looking to Lawyer-Up

    1. For me it was awful. I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing as the towers came down. Like my mother who remembers the assassination of President Kennedy, 9/11 is that horrific time point in my life.

      Yes, Lu is growing. She has a lot of catching up to do to become an emotional adult but she is on the way.


  1. I am also continuing to pray for our country to remain united, but more in the ways that make us kind as well as alert to danger.

    I’m sorry that whatever came from Lu’s sister wasn’t the money she’ll need for the fight with the company. She never learned what she was getting from her sister’s estate, did she? I may have to go back to the beginning.

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    1. Her sister didn’t leave her anything but a woman her sister had some (probably nefarious) connection to. Being as Lu is the only surviving relative to her sister the money (an undetermined large sum) will come to Lu. I suspect that Polder and Swale will work for a percentage of the settlement in the lawsuit against her former employer…
      I pray that we can recapture a sense of kindness too. There are far too many people willing to throw up their hands for fisticuffs than to open their arms to embrace their fellow humans.

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    1. Aw thanks!! I would love to publish but it is very hard to publish anything now days. I am compiling a book of poetry and once that is finished I’ll have to consider my options.


  2. “The red pants punctuation for her new style. The heavy black coat had new life with a bright scarf and large brooch turning it from pseudo military to trendy fashion statement. “. I am admiring, Val, the way you describe a people in a few words . This is a true painting . I see the coat ,the pant , the scarf , the brooch.
    I learn English at reading you .
    BTW ” blasé ” is also a French word .
    Love ❤


    1. Dear Michel Thank you for the beautiful compliment! There are many words in the English language that have been borrowed from other languages – French and German among many others! I’m so happy that you are enjoying this little story!


  3. This is a wonderful piece. Thank you for sharing. Have you ever dealt with lawyers? I could have sued the school system and hospital, but I would only be hurting students and poor people in need of medical care at the VA. I did pretend to be trying to sue Putin, which is impossible. I tried getting everyone else first and be like, What do you think is going to happen? I tried to trap them all because it was super annoying what the artists are doing. They are so strong behind bullet proof glass. It will affect me almost immediately every time. If I ever do manage to get through, I’d rather them donate the money to the VA.


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