Looking Prepared

I was at the grocery waiting in the checkout line. Because I don’t care about Angelina Jolie or any of the Kardashians I resorted watching the woman in front of me unload her cart. She was perhaps a little older than I am. I was surprised at the foods she was purchasing:
Peanut butter and jelly (one jar of each)
Michelina’s frozen entrees (they were on sale 10 for $10)
Raman Noodle bowls (the really big ones not the Brillo pad stuff)
Frozen burritos
Several frozen pizzas and pizza rolls
Campbell’s Chunky soups
Cereals (Cap’n Crunch and Golden Grahams)
A single quart of milk
Two loaves white bread
A bag of apples
Bubly flavored water
Kraft Singles

She didn’t buy anything that would require cooking or even pseudo-cooking. Everything was heat and eat. Heat and eat for one. I looked at her groceries and felt sad. It was apparent to me that she lived alone and felt no pressing need to cook. I could guess that she was going to have cereal for breakfast, soup and cheese sandwiches (maybe she would grill the sandwich, I hoped) for lunches, probably pizza or burritos for dinners. She would likely mix it up with PB&J some days and on others splurge with the noodle bowls. The apples would be snacks or maybe as a lunch side… Anyway you looked at it she was not cooking. There was a dearth of produce. It made me wonder what conclusions could be drawn from my shopping cart as I carefully arranged my stuff on the conveyor belt.
Four mangoes
Two broccoli crowns (the biggest I could find)
One celery heart
Two low sugar low fat vanilla yogurts
Two bottles of Propel water (kiwi strawberry flavor)
Two loaves of whole grain multi-seed bread
Two packages of shredded mozzarella cheese

The ugly truth is that we are trying to eat down the contents of the freezer and the pantry. There are a few perishables that we have to purchase weekly – milk, yogurt, cheese, fresh produce and the occasional “treat” like ice cream or chocolate. The last couple week’s menus included the following in an attempt to clear out the freezer/pantry:
Meatloaf (I make a batch and then split it freezing half – this is the frozen half)
Beef tongue (this will make 2 meals – one as beef tongue with roasted veggies and the other as tacos al pastor) I mentioned this to saintvi and she quoted Archie Bunker, “I ain’t eating nothing that came out of a cow’s mouth! Just fix me a couple of eggs.” Of course this made me laugh but it also made me think. I feel another blog topic coming on…
Grilled pork tenderloin (the leftover will go into a Japanese curry)
Baked fish and fried fish (we have lots of fish in the freezer)
Then on the weekends we will eat leftovers and more leftovers until there are none left over!! What’s in your shopping cart?

As a side note we are going to get our shingles vaccinations today. I’m pretty sure it will be uncomfortable. I’m planning on taking an extra dose of ibuprofen before I get to the doctor’s office… Then if all is well we get our flu shots tomorrow. If we are still alive. If they will let us. I’ll have to check with the doctor…

27 thoughts on “Looking Prepared

  1. Funny, sometimes I see Grandma types buying all this food for children living with them. The cart is piled with unhealthy foods and sometimes grandchildren are running around the cart. They do buy ribs, chicken and lots of food to cook though so I imagine they have children living with them, grandchildren. I wonder what people would think seeing my cart also.


  2. I buy hamburger 20 to 30 pounds at a time. Chicken I split into 2 or 3 meals usually. So it’s just the stuff to make meals out of that, things like milk and bread (no eggs mom’s chickens provide for four households), and truck stuff for the week which is restocked every week.


    1. I am almost out of venison and will have to break down and buy more hamburger since my venison supplier is not available any longer. I haven’t bought eggs for the last couple of years since Sparky’s sister has chickens…


  3. Here is an alternate theory on why she was buying what she was buying – she had a 42 year old lazy ass child return home to mooch, since getting a job required an effort. To make it easier on herself, she put a microwave in the basement where they will hole up with their video games until eternity comes calling.

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  4. if i was still living alone stateside like a couple of yrs ago, it mighta been me you were standing behind at that store

    i had on my first month there bought 2 wks worth of cooking food

    but after i kept throwing out the rotten veggies n even the rice was getting gross in the cooker, i started to buy faster eating foods

    interesting that u eat beef tongue

    i witnessed a lady eat it from the jar with some rice

    she ate it like it was gourmet

    i guess if we can eat beef butt and the feet, we should be able to eat the tongue too

    but im gonna wait until theres a beef famine to do so


    enjoyed this post as always!


    1. It is very tasty! A lot of people eat it pickled which is weird and gross, I slow cook it like any other meat and it is delicious! I will acknowledge that it is difficult to cook for one – and it is hard sometimes to eat everything before it goes bad… The stores like to sell produce in 3 – 5 pound bags or bunches. My grocery has started selling bunch carrots that are more manageable instead of the 3 lb package!

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  5. I’m hoping we can get our flu jabs at our visit this month. I’m pretty sure I’ve had the shingles shot, or am I thinking of the pneumonia one.

    I had to pop into the store this morning, got stamps, 3 bottles of bleach, 2 bags of parakeet seed, 1 lo fat milk for hubby, 1 pint whipping cream for his Keto shake. The groceries we got last week and I admit I avoid cooking for the most part. Now that my back is healing maybe that will change.


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