Looking Battered and Bruised

This is NOT a post about domestic violence so you can all exhale and relax. I had a rather rough couple of days. You see I went to the doctor and he was insistent that I have a shingles vaccination. Sparky and I dutifully trooped into the office and got the first of 2 injections. I won’t lie – it was a little painful. A band-aid was applied and we went on our way. My arm started to ache. By dinner time it was sore to the touch and hurt to move my arm in certain directions. I took ibuprofen. Sparky wanted to go for a little walk around the block after dinner. I agreed. As I was pulling a sweater from my wardrobe I knocked a stack of clothes off the shelf. Instinctively I bent over and scooped them up. However the upper door swung to close just as I straightened up and I struck my back on the lower edge and corner. I yelped in pain. I dropped the clothes gasping for breath. My back felt broken. I did manage to make it downstairs and made Sparky look at my back. Surprise! I had a 4 inch long gash from my spine to my shoulder blade that was oozing blood. After a little first aid we went for a walk.

The next morning I was sore! My arm and back had stiffened up. It felt like I’d been beat up. To add insult to injury, we had a date to get flu vaccinations in the other arm! Yep. We stood in line for the free vaccines and are now immunized against the latest strains of influenza. The shot didn’t hurt at all. (Perhaps because I hurt so much in other places it didn’t register.) Well, that’s not entirely true. It didn’t hurt when it was administered but the next day it was plenty sore. I didn’t sleep well. I had bad dreams and woke up every hour and then struggled to fall back to sleep. This is not my usual routine but the ache in my arms and back made finding a comfortable position almost impossible!

Speaking of the next day, after going to the fitness center, we went hiking to place caches for the geocaching event. Sleep deprived and with my sore back and both arms aching I put on a brave face. By the end my arms were less sore but my feet were screaming. I managed to get snagged on a brier and sustained 2 punctures and scratches on my lower legs. I stepped into a mole hole and twisted my ankle. It hurt a bit but not enough to make me stop. We were tromping around from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We had a small snack lunch but were pretty hungry by the time we left. I was feeling a little light headed and Sparky was a little cranky. We did what we needed to do and as soon as we got home Sparky had to take a nap.

That night I slept better but that was mostly because I was exhausted. The hot shower and ibuprofen have helped. I told Sparky to remind me that next year I need to plan for the flu shot so it isn’t given when we have a hike planned!!

I think I’ve reached my quota on injuries for the month. Have you reached your quota?

32 thoughts on “Looking Battered and Bruised

  1. What a comedy of errors! I wish I could tell you that the second shingles shot is easier than the first — for me, and the doctor even warned me, the second one knocked me off my feet for 24 hours. No blood and sweat, but some tears and lots of aches — I was truly in bed for the whole next day! I will get my flu shot around 10/1 — a senior strength (read that “double dose”), and will protect myself from the next year’s flu. Now I hope there isn’t a mumps epidemic!


    1. I was sort of anticipating that since I’m now sensitized to the vaccine – I just hope it isn’t too horrible. Sparky wanted to schedule it just before Thanksgiving but I convinced him to make the appointment after the holiday!!

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    1. I’m doing much better with the exception of the gash on my back. It is healing and it ITCHES!!! Of course I can’t reach it and it hurts to scratch… so I’m trying to ignore the itch.


  2. I keep reading about that shot and I could of sworn I had it years ago. I know I’ve had one for pneumonia but I know they have come out with a new one of those and it is two shots. Every time I called I was told they were out. I don’t know my way around the new military hospital so just haven’t gone.


  3. I’ve had ALL of the shingles vaccines After my husband got them on his face, I was highly motivated to avoid them at any cost. I hate to tell you this but, the second one was worse than the first. I took a sick day from work because I didn’t want to be sick on a weekend. You’re lucky you could get the first of the Shingrix shots. Here they are reserving the limited supply for people who have had the first one. They don’t want them to exceed their six-month window for the booster.


    1. I’ve had shingles twice now so I’m in that high risk group… The doctor didn’t indicate any issues with supply so I guess his office has plenty! I’m braced for the reaction to the second one. I know it will probably be awful!


  4. OMG ! fortunately you stopped at three injuries . I thought if this row of injuries continues, Val, I will call you, ” Our Lady of the seven pains” !
    I do not laugh because I have three big teeths to be extracted !! Pain ! in a proach future
    Love ❤


        1. Me too! I was worried that I’d get really sick but it was just a localized reaction to the vaccination… Last year several people said they ran fevers and had horrible headaches and muscle pain for several days after the flu shots. I guess I got off easy in comparison!!


    1. So sad to hear that you are above the quota! I was just reading an article about AS and there are some new treatments being developed for inflammation and possibly immunotherapy! It will probably be 10 years before they become available but the research is happening…

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  5. Knock on wood-I haven’t been injured since last October. All is well now. I don’t get flu shots, preferring to take a regular daily regimen of essential oil vitality supplements, They work well, but again, knock on wood.


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