Looking Elated

The new ceramics classes started last week. When I checked my empty shelf I discovered 2 more pieces that survived the kiln and the clean out. I was elated that they were on my shelf. Several people had pieces disappear. We suspect that during the annual clean out that some items were either accidentally broken or purposefully tossed. To say that those persons missing pieces were disturbed would be a gross understatement! Both of my pieces are repeats of previous orbs. The last time I attempted Solisphaera emidasia (a coccolith from the Gulf of Mexico) I wiped the glaze off all the plates that make up the outer surface. I was trying to get a more rustic look along with making sure it didn’t stick to the kiln shelf during the glaze firing. Now that they have new stilts I went with an all over glaze. I used Super T glaze on the plates with Blue glaze in between. The effect is stunning! It looks much better than the last one! But you be the judge. The old one is left with the new one on the right:

The other orb is Russula sororia fungi. This is my representation of the spores… I am going back to some fungi due to inspiration found walking in the woods. This was made with a white stoneware clay body. I used Shaner’s Clear glaze that was contaminated with red iron oxide. Instead of throwing it away it is one of those “here now and gone forever” glazes. It is translucent blue grey with brown speckles.

I feel very lucky to have all my orbs make it. I’m still waiting on the 2 plaques and the whistle to turn up. If they never surface I will chalk it up to an over zealous cleaning crew and make them again…

32 thoughts on “Looking Elated

  1. I am so pleased to see again your orbitoides like in the Xanga time when I was admiring your talent, Val . You did not lose it
    The “blue” ” one is like a jewel even if the structure is less visible . It is the most esthetical
    Love ❤


    1. Ceramics is very fun and I find it a good creative outlet as well as a stress reducer – as long as I avoid the wheel. Throwing on the wheel is stressful for me but might be just what you are looking for!

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  2. How big are your orbs? Like reflecting ball size (you know, those things people put on pedestals in their lawns?) Or more like shelf ornaments? Or Christmas tree balls?Hard to tell in the pictures. What do you do with them? BTW, they are really cool.


    1. They are all sizes – some the size of a volley ball (or Polish birdbath size) and others the size of a deflated bouncy ball, most are between the size of a grapefruit and an orange. I used to make very large ones but I was running out of space in the house! I sell them and I keep some to display in the house. Sadly I have about 60 of them packed away from when I did my last show and I haven’t unpacked them… I may need to reconsider my reluctance to haul everything to art fairs. Maybe this next summer I’ll do Art Beat or Leeper Park or even the Meet Me on the Island are sale. At least I can consider it!!


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