Looking Askance

Tomorrow marks the first day I am eligible to work at the university in an on-call position. I’m a little nervous about going back. There have been some changes – and not all of them for the better. Even though I used to give all the tours, I will be required to take a tour. I will also need to get access and get some room keys issued. So much to do and so little time… I’m also a little suspicious that some things will be unpleasant especially my former boss’ expectation that I’ll come back and work for him.

I’ve been in contact with the lab and there is a tentative schedule for some experiments that will require my expertise. Hopefully they won’t interfere with my leisure time, ceramics class, travel plans, exercise schedule or nap time. Such is the life of a retired woman. If I put in an hour for prep, an hour for animal and cage prep and 8 hours for the study, I should rake in enough money to pay for my Goodwill trips and my animal cracker addiction.

In other news I am planning a trip to Florida to visit with my sister. Sparky has a big chunk of time in November when he will be able to get off work due to the library shutting down for the big move and renovation. That would make it ideal – no work, colder weather, not the holidays… However the coordination of said trip is tricky. We are planning to go to Disney World as an add on to the trip (only for 3 days) and the coordination of hotels and flights and (gasp!) a rental car (*shudder*) is daunting! I haven’t recovered fully from the nightmare that was the National Rental Car ordeal in May!

I’ve gotten together with a couple co-workers for lunch. It is good to catch up with them but also a little strange since we are moving away from each other at right angles… It takes a lot of effort to remain close. I hope I can continue to connect. *sigh*

23 thoughts on “Looking Askance

  1. Good luck getting everything together for your trip. Good luck dipping your toes back in the working world. My last job I held when the manager left I was asked to come back. After listening to other branch secretaries tell how they had been treated and how little corporate would do to protect their secretaries it was a big no. Wrangler asked if we need to have someone do books. I said no I enjoy that. I would rather pay someone to clean the house once a month or have someone stop acting like a child and clean his own messes up.


    1. Hehe! Sparky still (after 38 years) can’t seem to close a cabinet or door and can’t seem to get the hang of wiping up the counter around the sink. Every time he brushes his teeth or washes his hands it looks like a water balloon fight. I just have to laugh and wipe up and close doors… Best Christmas gift EVER was a cleaning lady for a year!! She came in every other week and did it all – vacuuming, dusting, mopping, all the bathroom stuff and even cleaned the ceiling fans and washed the windows. She also cleaned the Venetian blinds once a year! She was wonderful!


      1. A cleaning lady once a month would be awesome. Wrangler tends to make messes where ever he is. He does not even try to clean up anymore. Simple things like throwing the wrapper or box away from his snack or carrying something in from the truck on his way in Friday or on his way out Sunday. When he actually shows effort I praise him. I read something about reasons couples fight. A lot of fights are about money but a lot of them are because the wife feels like hired help with no perks. This summer a lot of the time I have felt like that and trying to get through to him is not working well. That is why I need a week every now and then at home without him. Because we are together 24/7 and I need a break. He has gotten so spoiled that he thinks I need to be with him to cook and clean. Those are his words.


        1. yikes! He will need to have a reality check and soon… I will admit it took several years but Sparky is a partner and helps in many ways – he just has some foibles that I’ve decided to ignore. Ignoring some things make life less stressful.


  2. Take care Val to ,not be overwhelmed in your retirement . I like your analysis of this period of life where we have a foot in the work and a foot in the retirement . Not easy.
    I wish the best for you.
    Love ❤

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    1. Thanks Michel! I went in today and got my access renewed. I’m planning on doing the first study in about a week! I was able to touch base with some friends and get caught up on the gossip… Makes me glad not to be involved!

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  3. It’s been 15 years since I retired — last year I spoke with one of my colleagues who lives near where fires were burning, and caught up through her with another. I have two other good friends from the business — one retired to Colorado about the time I took my last job, and the other to South Carolina. Our lives have diverged so much that I find I don’t miss the others at all now, and the business has changed so much that I wouldn’t recognize it!


    1. It has only been 3 months and already they are hiring 2 new people! The ones I want to stay in touch with will be easy but there are some who still do not wish me well… It kind of makes me laugh and at the same time feel a little sorry for them.


  4. Grandkids went to Disney World. We have no desire: once is enough . Now for that exciting Bear Mountain pass in the Fall, and small stops all the way to the mountains to see family does sound nice or maybe a last minute trip to Westhampton and Flanders, Long Island before my brother and aunt sell their homes and move farther South.


      1. Disneyland in CA is almost the same as the Magic Kingdom in Florida — just a few minor variations. And no Epcot or Animal park, etc. California Adventure has never taken hold, and is on its 3rd or 4th iteration.


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