Looking at the Crock Pot

I was talking to Sparky about using the crockpot more often and quizzing him on meals he would like to have next week. I make a weekly menu to assist in using foods efficiently and making grocery shopping less random. Lord have mercy! I think my computer and phone are spying on me. Soon after the conversation ended a bunch of crockpot videos appeared in my Facebook feed along with ads for a multitude of instant pot/crock pot combination appliances! That in itself is disconcerting. But what pushed me over the edge were the recipes for the crockpot. How lazy can you get to make crockpot sloppy Joes. It takes only 10 minutes to brown the hamburger and add the seasonings to make a decent sloppy Joe. Why would I need to spend 20 minutes loading everything into a crockpot to cook for 8 hours (not to mention the clean up time)!?!? Another one was crockpot macaroni and cheese. Really. It boggles the mind. And then the latest issue of one of the many random magazines that just appear in my mailbox featured – you guessed it, crockpot recipes! The recipes were interesting but not ones I’ll probably ever make. There was “Big Vegetable Stew” which was made with whole plum tomatoes, cannellini beans, Italian green beans, lots of onion and spices usually found in spaghetti sauce. I didn’t get the “Big” vegetables part. The “Beef and Carrot Tagine” sounded good but Sparky would never eat it because in addition to the carrots and beef in a tomato-based broth there are raisins. Then there was the “Brothy Sichuan Chicken” which looked like a fancy Ramen noodle dish. Why would you need to make that in a crockpot? (shakes head in disbelief)

In response to this I’ve penned this haiku:
We long for slow food
A fast food revolution
Makes slow cookers fast

26 thoughts on “Looking at the Crock Pot

  1. Yes. Google is listening to you.
    Also, the youngest is cooking for us once a week now. This is even more glorious than the obvious reasons of being one day the parents don’t have to cook and a contribution to the family and a step toward independence. The crockpot is greatly involved, and every choice has been a winner. This week’s delightful dish was a Thai coconut soup that I could eat every day of my life. So good. Wednesday is now my favorite day.
    Anyhow. It’s not sloppy joe or macaroni.

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  2. When I know I am going to be gone or really busy all day I use the crockpot. Pulled pork is my go to recipe of late. Smothered steak is more tender if it cooks all day in the crock pot over the stove version.


  3. As we are only two ( after being eight people in the past,) my wife Janine makes a crockpot regularly , this is tasting and can be preserved easily . I am not a cook at all but it seems it is crockpot with beef, carrots, potatoes ! 🙂
    I hope your vacation went well, Val ( or is going well )
    Love ❤

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  4. Your computer and phone are spying on you. And if you have a camera, probably watching you. They are sneaky bastards. Anyway, we also use our crock-pot, but surely not to turn a 5 minute $1.55 cent meal into an 8 hour, $43,62 meal.

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  5. I’ve never had a crockpot — I never found a need for them. If I wanted to cook a slow cooked meal, I could do it in the oven at low temp, or on the stove. But stovetop foods always worked just as well for me!


    1. Hehe. We have been testing the idea by repeating specific phrases and watching to see if it comes up in our FB feed. So far we have seen ads for Beef O’Bradys and oysters.


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