Looking at my Collection

I admit to having had many collections over the years. My first foray into collecting was with my father. He was a coin and stamp collector having started his collections in High School. He decided that I and my two sisters would collect stamps. I selected stamps with an animal theme. I suspect it was just a ploy to get my mother to allow more stamps in the house. He taught us how to mount them and how to tell the difference between a cancelled stamp and a new one. He taught us how to steam the stamp off the envelope. When I went away to college, he took over my stamp collection. However by that time I had started my very own collection of banks. I had china banks, piggy banks, glass and metal banks. I collected them for years. I eventually stopped after my sons were born. I pared the numbers down and kept only a hand full of my cast iron banks. At one point I started a collection of wicker baskets shaped like animals. When they overflowed the top of the entertainment center and I had them scattered all over the family room, I decided I had enough. I sold many of them and now only have 3 left that are stored in the basement… However I’ve had one collection that I started in earnest when I graduated from college.

You see I had always been fascinated by a couple of serving dishes that my mother had. They were wedding gifts. She rarely used them but I loved the way they looked. She had a hammered aluminum bread tray and a covered casserole along with a set of candlestick holders. They had a tulip embossed on the lid or the tray. I couldn’t think of anything prettier. She sold the candlestick holders at a garage sale when I was maybe 12. I’m still looking for ones like them. I bought all my pieces at garage sales for cheap. The most I’d spent (until last year) was $3. Even so I think I have nearly 500 pieces. Now the fun thing is that I use them all the time. My everyday butter dish is hammered aluminum. All my spoon rests, canister set, and napkin holders and even the dish where I keep my medication is hammered aluminum. I use the trays and bowls whenever I can – to serve meals, for picnics and potlucks, for celebrations (like Thanksgiving). I even use them to decorate my kitchen. Because they aren’t just sitting around with no purpose Sparky doesn’t mind that I’ve got so many. Of course I do have a few favorites – I love the Chrysanthemum pattern and the Tulip pattern too. I have a few pieces with Raspberries. I even have one that has oak leaves and acorns on it that belonged to my grandmother. I know this because she wrote her name in pencil on the back (probably to make sure she got it back after a church function) and no amount of scrubbing will remove the pencil! Anyway I don’t have any daughters to pass it down to but son#2 once showed a young lady my collection and said, “One day this will all be mine.” I’m not sure if he was trying to impress her or what but it made me smile thinking that he wanted my collection!

32 thoughts on “Looking at my Collection

        1. Hehe! No problem – I usually don’t link before they go active but with the holiday I wanted to get the post done and put the link in your comments since I figured we’d all be in a turkey coma …

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    1. Pressed glass is very pretty. I’ve seen several art pieces that are amazing. I would only collect something if I could use it! Having a collection that is only seen and not touched wouldn’t make me happy…

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        1. Funny how people tend to feed collections. When I decided to collect wicker animals I only bought 2 – all the rest were gifts. Made it that much harder to get rid of them!


            1. My mother at one point was buying yarn from Goodwill. She had so much in little dribs and dabs that she ended up making a ton of cloches (little beanie hats for cancer patients). It was a good use of the yarn but she stopped buying the little quantities and only buys full skeins… She had to just say no when well meaning friends wanted to gift her with leftovers!


  1. A collector! I like to collect little. I do collect papers and ideas for teaching classes. I am learning to let go as I don’t want too many things as then I would have less space.


    1. Among other things around here, recipe books from organizations. I know a lady back east that would like to have them but I can’t imagine the postage! Do I cook from them? Not really, I love to read them. lol


      1. I’ve got a shelf of cookbooks – from garage sales. I use some of them and others are just fun reading! I have one that is called The Myra Breckenridge Cookbook – it has photos of movie stars from silent movies through 1960s. I love to read it since many of the recipes have little stories to go with them!


  2. Those aluminum candle holders were damaged and so I did put them in the rummage sale. Sorry honey but I did give you a lovely lovely pitcher with chrysanthemums on it you use for utensils. One thing nice about the aluminum pieces is that they don’t break when you drop them.


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