Looking Pleased

I mentioned a little while back that I was working again. Well, I’m really working now. By that I mean that I was offered a position with a researcher as a “self-employed agent” which is a way to circumvent the restriction of only working 900 hours in a fiscal year. I will be paid by an outside (the university) corporation. This means that I will be able to work as many hours as I want doing the work I really enjoy! I have always liked working with this particular lab because they have a plan and a schedule and don’t dink around. They also are good people who follow the rules. So to recap: I retired. There was wringing of hands. I was offered a position with one investigator which I accepted. I was approached by another investigator to do a few limited studies which I agreed to. Then the former boss asked me to come back to work for him – I declined. The researcher that has been a thorn in everyone’s side, thinks the rules don’t apply to his lab, and who had so many violations that his work was suspended contacted me to work for him. As you can imagine, I let him know that I was unavailable. Then the opportunity presented itself to work for the outside corporation which I will be starting the first part of December. This corporation has several employees that were thrilled that I was coming on board – so thrilled that when I stopped in to clarify some details for a study they hugged me!

I’m feeling the love. Everyone wants me to come back. I’m being fought over like the prettiest girl at the church picnic. Because of that I’ve penned the following little poem:

Mousey went a dancing in a pretty frock
Snake tried to woo her by throwing rocks
Snake was insistent that she dance with him
Mousey turned him down right there and then
She waltzed with the frog and polkaed with the toad
She boogied with the raven as the music flowed
The rabbit and the hedgehog waited for their turn
While the sneaky snake did a long slow burn
When the party ended and the music died
The gents lined up to offer a safe homeward ride
Mousey’s calendar is full with no time to share
Snake is out of luck for there is no time to spare

32 thoughts on “Looking Pleased

  1. The joy is evident in your voice and I have to grudgingly admit that this is probably a brilliant choice for you. However, on a more selfish note, I’d really hoped to woo you and Sparky into doing some snow-birding out this way. Congratulations,my friend! “May you stay, forever young.”


    1. Ah Judy! The beauty is that if I am unavailable due to travel, I just block off time on my calendar and everyone has to work around it! Vacations are not out of the question. I just have to convince Sparky to go to CA. He is set on Hawaii and Alaska before we revisit other states… I definitely want to meet you and Janet!!


    1. Thanks Kate! I try to write poetry but I’m also attempting to put together a compilation of poems for my mother. It is a daunting task – especially when I write a new one that she thinks should be included!

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        1. I’d do that but she wants an officially published BOOK! Since I already have one under my belt (a medical text so it isn’t light reading and a bit dry) she expects a bit of poetry and I’m trying to oblige. It is taking me longer simply because I have over 15 years worth of work to sift through!!!

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          1. wow fifteen years of collection will be interesting, and sounds like you already have a publisher lined up … Doubt my poems would be publishable in that manner 🙂


            1. No publisher yet. My previous book was published by a company that specializes in medical texts – no poetry to be found! Sifting through 15 years is a daunting task but I’m making headway!


  2. That’s a wonderful poem, Val! And a great outcome after all the trauma and issues you’ve gone through! I hope this will keep snake away and you will no longer have to deal with him!

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    1. I think it is much better! I only do the jobs that interest me and can pretty much pick and choose my hours or set the schedule for the work according to my calendar! It is a win-win for me…


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