Looking at Life Coming at Me

This last run up to Christmas Day has been very busy. Not to negate the fun bits of which there are many but it has been a bit rough in other spots. It all started with the Christmas cookie hilarity. I baked cookies with saintvi. At one point we were laughing so hard I was crying. I don’t know if she was crying because it was hard to see through the tears. We had dinner and then packed up some cookies and traveled an hour to present them to friends to spread the Christmas cheer (which is in short supply when recovering from back surgery and caring for an active toddler). All went well. It was a late night and I had to work the next day.

That was when things took a turn for the worst. I was still coughing from the remnants of the cold. According to the doctor I was all better – except for the cough. Seems this bug tends to hit you hard and then linger. The day went without a hitch until lunch. I had a lunch date with a former coworker. She had a lot on her mind. We went to the Indian Gardens to eat and talk. We had finished eating and all was well until I had a coughing fit. It was one of those coughing jags that doesn’t end well. A couple sips of water and a nose blow and I thought it was over until it wasn’t. Yes, I tossed my cookies. Well not all my cookies – mostly just some mucus. I was able to contain it in a napkin and a tissue and my friend’s napkin and 2 more tissues. I was very embarrassed. A few sips of water and we left. Walking to the car I had another coughing fit and expelled a little more mucus and lunch in the parking lot. My friend was very concerned but I really was fine. And after getting rid of all the mucus I’d swallowed I felt much better.

We headed back to the campus to drop her off. A white van sped past us. As the van cut in front of me, the Christmas tree strapped to the roof took flight and landed in the road. I was able to apply my brakes in time to avoid completely running over the tree. As I put on my hazard lights, my friend jumped out of the car and dragged the tree onto the grass between the curb and the sidewalk. The van never stopped! We continued on to campus. It was a harrowing lunch experience in multiple ways. As soon as I got home son#1 arrived to go on our shopping trek. As a precaution I took an expectorant, decongestant and antihistamine tablet in hope of avoiding any more coughing jags. It worked and the shopping was successful. We arrived home minutes before Sparky. Sparky and I then jumped into the car to go to a Christmas dinner party. That was just one day!!

And every day since has been just as busy with fun and disasters in equal portions. There was the exuberant lab holiday lunch resulting in me having to consume a bottle of Propel, 3 Jarritos sodas (2 mango and 1 pineapple), and a glass of tap water to attempt to quell the fire from the aji panca aioli and chimichurri sauce that was slathered on the yucca fries and the Jamaican jerk chicken. I had even asked if the sauce was spicy and was assured that it was not. The waiter lied. Perhaps for the others seated at the table it was bland but to my sensitive tongue it was fiery! I ended up with such heart burn that I had to spend the night propped up in bed sipping water and chewing on Tums!!

Then there was the shopping experience with son#2. We had a productive purchasing experience and leisurely stroll through the mall and got our steps in. As we were walking back to the car a very impatient and angry couple nearly ran over us. I noticed that the car was coming up behind us and had moved to the side. As they passed us (it was a very full mall parking lot and the cars in front of us were crawling in hopes of finding a parking spot), the passenger window went down and the woman yelled that she would “beat the !!*^# out of you and your #*@%# mother”. My son takes after his father and shouted back, “Merry Christmas!” The woman was hanging out of the window cursing and waving her hands in an obscene gesture as the driver hit the gas and sped away. Son#2 commented that it wasn’t his fault that some people are in a bad mood because they procrastinated to the last minute to do their shopping (he was just getting a few last minute items and had completed all the major shopping).

And I could go on but you get the idea. In that vein, I’ll leave you with a little acrostic poem:
People hurry to spend
Every dime on the gifts they will send
All wasted in the end
Cash can’t buy love for a friend
Even if that’s what we intend

23 thoughts on “Looking at Life Coming at Me

    1. I don’t know if all gifts are a bribe to get in someone’s good graces but I’m sure that is the point of a few… So far I’m having fewer negative encounters than positive ones. I guess the balance has shifted to the good side!


  1. Like the poem and a wish of a Merry Christmas and get well. Quick thinking son. I’m at a loss why the person cussed you out for getting out of the way.


    1. I think they were just very cranky and in a hurry (even if there was nowhere to go)… I can forgive them especially since there was no harm done. I’ve stopped coughing so much and the mucus production has slowed considerably!

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  2. ouch, sounds like most peoples Christmas … your poem says it all!
    Appreciate your sons calmness in the face of abuse 🙂

    Sounds like you can’t avoid acupuncture much longer ….


    1. He takes after his father. My parents (especially my mother) always intoned “kill them with kindness” and I’m pretty sure there was a similar mantra in my husband’s family.

      Sadly we live about 3 hours away from an accredited acupuncturist – Chicago is the closest one and I am not driving to Chicago. This too shall pass.

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  3. I’m finally pretty much over that nasty virus and the sinusitis I had along with it. Now I’m trying to recuperate from the 10 days of antibiotics. Antibiotics don’t like me. My N.Y. son will be here tomorrow. Christmas Day most of the family will be over. They’ll all bring food. I’m cooking 2 hams. Also rice pilaf if I feel up to it. I’m not contagious anymore, just still tired. Hope your days improve! Merry Christmas!

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    1. Glad to hear you are recovering and will be surrounded by family! I got the Christmas card and I think that once the weather is sure to be nice I’ll be able to convince saintvi to come on an adventure with me to see you! Sparky is anti-ham so we are having bbq ribs.


  4. If I was in a coughing fit, I tend to lose control of my bladder. It’s why I have to resort to dependable undergarments when dealing with a cold or the always resulting bronchitis that follows. I don’t know which is worse: your experience or mine. So sorry it was icky and in public. Huggerz.

    On the spicy food issue, I am seriously angry. Two decades ago, most food sold in the US was not spicy unless you asked for it, or it had a name that inferred it was going to be spicy. Now, I can order chicken noodle soup, and it will burn my mouth! When I complained, the rebuttal was that it was “within the profile” for the food service that provided it for my work cafeteria.

    I learned to trust very few folks about whether something is spicy at all. I believe in full flavored food with a rich bouquet of seasonings, but I also believe that food shouldn’t have to hurt to deliver that flavor. It doesn’t even make me sick later, but I am really angry when the third bite begins to hurt and it burns for many minutes later. I let the people who deceived me know that I will never trust them again, too. Not in harsh and angry tones, but in honest hurt tones, because I believe they seriously don’t get that they were dishonest and deceptive, and even dismissive of my concerns to avoid the exposure I was duped into enduring.

    As to the parking lot woman: I’m so proud of your son, cause I would have been biting my tongue to avoid saying what my brain would be screaming.

    Merry Christmas and I’m thanking God you’re feeling better in spite of the challenges :).


    1. Thanks Dodi! I look at my sons and I’m proud of them. They may not be rich but they are polite and courteous (and smart and handsome – can you tell I’m biased?). I knew it was spicy which is why I asked for them to leave it off… sigh. As I get older I find that I’m developing an allergy to certain peppers. I can’t eat green pepper at all. Even cutting one up causes my hands to itch and burn. I avoid green pepper like the plague! I can eat most Indian food (as long as it isn’t too spicy) but Mexican dishes just tear me up. I guess it is the jalapenos. As for the coughing, I feel your pain. It has happened to me before too but luckily not this time around!
      Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  5. Sorry for all the bad..It’s ridiculous. I love the season and go out of my way to help others. I’m also extra nice to employees at stores as I know it’s a difficult time for them. Love your poem. Merry Christmas.


    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I try to thank the sales clerks and cashiers and wish them a Merry Christmas (delivered with a friendly smile). It is true that you get more flies with honey than vinegar… I’m tickled red and green that you liked the poem! Please wish every one (especially your parents) a Merry Christmas from me!


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