Looking at Three Generations

This was taken on a Sunday morning (maybe Easter) as my Great Grandmother, Grandmother, and my Mother were preparing to leave for church. The house was in Muncie, Indiana and was where my Grandma lived until she moved in with us. At the time of this photo, the front porch hadn’t had the louvered glass windows installed and the peony bushes hadn’t grown to encroach on the walk. My Great Grandmother aka G’ma Bessie was decked out in a hat that my mother described as a “flying saucer” hat. This was taken some time after my mother’s graduation from HS and before graduation from college so around 1952-54. It was early Spring and still cool in the mornings so my Grandma Marceil could get away with wearing a fur jacket. She loved furs and would wear a mink stole even in the summer when going to church. The photo is blurry and the colors washed out by age so it is hard to tell but they are all redheads. I was the 4th generation ginger in the family. Sadly neither of my sons has red hair but my niece has flaming red hair putting her square as the 5th generation… By the time I can remember my G’ma Bessie she had white hair. My Grandma Marceil had strawberry blond hair with darker red at the back and sides and a white “bride of Frankenstein” stripe in the front. I guess I take after her – I have the white stripes at my temples…

This post was inspired by Calmkate’s post of Friday Fun titled Family Portrait. To check out her post and all the links to those who picked up the gauntlet for this prompt go HERE.

30 thoughts on “Looking at Three Generations

    1. My mother is into genealogy so there has always been an oral history of her side of the family… I’ve never considered changing my hair color – I guess because it marked me as part of the family. I knew one girl in HS who had red hair and her junior year she bleached it blond. It wasn’t a good look. By her senior year she’d grown it out and gone back to red!

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      1. With so many trends in hair colors this days you can barely tell the original color of someone’s hair…but you are right..we should never change it …it gives us a great sense of who we really are..


    1. Hehe! Yes a flying saucer! My grandma had a mink stole and a persian lamb and a couple others too. The only one that was creepy was the mink collar that had the heads and feet. I don’t know where that one went…


  1. My mother’s Canadian relatives had a fox farm, so she had 2 or 3 of those collars with the heads and feet. Mother paid to have them kept in cold storage for years and she finally sold them. She did wear them a few times back in the day, but not often because it was So. Cal. I like your picture. People don’t dress up for church much anymore.


    1. We always had to dress up – Sunday best. I try to always dress nicely. I made the decision when I realized that I had lots of dresses that I wasn’t wearing so now I wear them!!


  2. Oh what a lovely family portrait, please please link it to my family pic post? We have some ginger there but not a head full 🙂

    Altho I follow you this didn’t come into my reader … curse WP!


  3. Pictures can provide so much fascinating contextual information about fashions at the point in time when the photo was taken. It’s fun to read the comments about fur stoles and flying saucer hats.


    1. Thanks! I was very close to my Great Grandmother Bessie. She lived with my parents to help take care of me – I think she went home when I started calling her mama! My Grandma Marceil came to live with us when I was in HS. She had always been part of my life growing up as she didn’t drive so we took her shopping and to church – we were at her house all the time! I miss both of them – they look so young in the photo. Of course my mother looks like a baby. (she’s 87 now and older than anyone in that photo at the time!)


  4. The date was spring 1957…spring break over Easter. We were visiting from Michigan where we taught school. G’ma Marceil’s coat was fake fur. She did have the black African (?) kid skin ,,,flat wavy fur. She didn’t buy her mink stole until after grandpa Karl had died and she had some insurance money and she had always wanted one. I think it made her feel better.


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