Looking at Christmas Over My Shoulder

Christmas feast we put on our bibs
Tore into root veggies and BBQ ribs
Slurped salad and jello and apple pies
Discovered our tummies were smaller than eyes
Opened gifts both big and small
Had a mound of wrapping from it all
Hugs and kisses one from the other
Filled with love for neighbor and brother
Bowed our heads to ask for a blessing
As one unopened gift kept us all guessing
Carefully ripped paper and took off tape
Sucussed the box to ascertain shape
With wonder and awe we lifted the end
Found it was goodies sent by a friend
Shared the contents with all in the room
Still have some left that we couldn’t consume!

It was a wonderful Christmas. We started the festivities with Christmas Eve vigil Mass at 10:00 pm that lasted until midnight. Sparky sang with the choir. They did a great job singing “And The Glory Of The Lord” along with the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah. The big song was “O Magnum Mysterium” which they had struggled with but it finally came together for the vigil Mass. Fr. Jacob was ecstatic as it is one of his favorite pieces (and he didn’t hesitate to tell everyone)! I was able to sit with my in-laws which was nice since Sparky was up in the choir loft.

Christmas Day started early with lots of food prep. I baked pies. Pumpkin and a special apple using Cortland, Mutsu, and Empire.

I made green bean casserole and cut up sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, parsnips and Brussels sprouts to roast.
Barbecue ribs were on the menu as well. I made a full slab of pork ribs and a slab of baby back ribs. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get them in the pans but with a little creative cutting everything fit. All was cooked and ready to put on the table on time! (a Christmas miracle)!

As for the gifts, well, everyone got exactly what the wanted even if it wasn’t on their list! I gave Sparky a strange gift – a pair of stainless steel seafood crackers. On the docket is his very own lobster that I will cook and serve to him for his birthday. I would have liked to put the lobster under the tree but that would have been a little too messy! One of my favorite gifts is a special cushion for my computer chair. It is deluxe. It is the Purple® Seat Cushion that is touted to “save your tush with the cush, and cradle your bum, comfort you wherever you plant your patootie, prevents anything from tormenting your tushie, has the the comfort your keister craves, and saves your derriere on any chair, anywhere!” As far as testimonials go I’d say this product lives up to the hype in the end…The boys got bed sheets and other similarly requested items. I’d told son#2 that a weighted blanket was out of the price range (only $70 for a twin size) but I scored one on sale at a pre-black Friday sale for half price so he got his wish! He had to take it out of the package and then nearly trapped himself under the weight of the thing. It didn’t seem to be a very comfortable blanket to me but he really liked it. Son#1 had asked for a humidifier and was able to find a warm mist one for the same price as the weighted blanket. Even though they are now adult I like to keep things even. I’d hate for them to think that I had a favorite! They are both my favorite sons! The poem above pretty much sums up the day. The mystery gift was from a coworker that didn’t have a name on it. I’d completely forgotten about it after I put it under the tree. It was a nice snack but even with Sparky’s parents helping there were too many cookies to consume. I added the uneaten ones to the mound that I took to the big (40+ people) gathering. That was a whole different level of festivities!! So. Much. Food!

I hope that all your celebrations were filled with joy and warmth and kindness. We will be heading out for our annual New Years Eve dinner with friends. It will be an opportunity to dress fancy and act like we are in the 1% (don’t laugh too hard – make believe is good to indulge in every once in awhile)! This year we are going to the Emporium and hopefully we will be seated so that we can see the river all lit up…

32 thoughts on “Looking at Christmas Over My Shoulder

    1. We have reservations at 7:00 pm so I’m hopeful we will get a good view (only a party of 4). All the big tables are upstairs without a view!! Now I’m trying to figure out my outfit… so many decisions especially since the high is only 32 degrees Fahrenheit with a big snow storm bearing down on us. It is hard to look fashionable wearing snow boots and a parka!


            1. Yikes! That is horrific. I’ve been praying for rain for the fires across several continents – Australia included. Everyone feels for the wildlife that have been impacted but my heart goes out to the people who have lost livelihoods, homes and especially lives. So very heartbreaking!

              Liked by 1 person

                  1. pretty close to it .. they’ve just opened military bases for crisis accommodation … here people camp in their cars beside rivers or near playgrounds with toilets … it’s whatever you can get. Can’t be fussy when it’s this scale!


  1. thank you for sharing your wonderful celebrations with us, I could almost taste the lovely food and feel the paper tearing. have a wonderful new year!


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