Looking Social

It has been quite the month. I’ve met with many friends. This means that I’ve had tons of lunch engagements! The first was with my friend from work. We had a lovely lunch and chatted about all the events of the holidays. All the family stuff which has been a struggle for her was calm with a minimum of drama. She is optimistic since the hiring process for the director of electron microscopy has been successfully completed.

Then there was lunch with the coworker I’ve known the longest (who is still working – having celebrated her 35th work anniversary). I got all the dirt on the drama at work. Which made me feel sorry for her and Mr. Fudd and at the same time so very relieved and even giddy that I am no longer involved. Next I had lunch with a Vet Tech friend. She has big changes in her life as her marriage is over. She had been very unhappy for a very longtime. She is now smiling more and seems lighter. We had a very long lunch and I got to see photos of her new house.

My next luncheon was with another former coworker and his boyfriend. They joined me for a leisurely lunch on his day off and when his BF was visiting. He thinks of me as his second mom and really wants my approval. His BF is very sweet and they seem to be good for one another. I’m hoping he has found his forever love because he deserves happiness after all he’s been through!

Then there was the lunch with the former secretary at work. She is battling lung cancer now on top of all her other health issues. Of course she was never a smoker and hasn’t been around smoke. Because the cancer had been very slow growing (at least that’s her story) the doctors were in a wait and see mode. Anyway it is growing and causing her some problems. My personal opinion is that they figured she was going to die from something else before the cancer. As is she needs a double knee replacement which they won’t do because of her weight (morbidly obese), she is diabetic which doesn’t help at all, has congestive heart failure, gastric peristaltic paralysis, diverticulitis, and a host of other lesser issues. I was very surprised and happy to see her. The last 3 years we have scheduled lunches and dinners all were cancelled at the last minute due to her health.

Of course I also made time for my other friends who don’t have any connection with work. I’ve geocached, shopped, baked, played board games and shared meals. I’ve enjoyed family time with the weekly ice cream at my in laws house with the puzzles. I’ve had lunches and expeditions with my sons and had dinner at their house (per the contract) but they seem to enjoy having us over and hanging out with me… however I am exhausted by being so social!

26 thoughts on “Looking Social

  1. Interesting. I periodically check on my siblings with a lunch date. I had this woman try to get me to go out with her, but I’ve learned better. They will cling and suck out my soul. It’s good you are willing to go out on all these dates. I hope you’re not the only one paying!


  2. I’m always amazed by the energy you have for so many different things. This post cemented my affection for you. Suffice it to say that you earned another star by not being judgemental about your obese friend and her health problems that are mainly brought on by her lifestyle. When I learned that many morbidly obese women were molested as children, I gained a whole new perspective and sympathy for people who treat mental pain with food.


    1. We really do need to meet in person! I have known her a long time and she has a heart of gold – if any of her friends were in trouble she’d be the first to offer assistance! I only hope that she can get into see the oncologist before it is too late. She spent her formative years being the adult in the household and caring for her mother who had Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). By the time she was in first grade her mother was bedridden. Her mother died shortly after she graduated from HS. She then cared for her younger sister… I think my energy is high, partly because I’m off caffeine and also I am sleeping very soundly. Sleep is really a wonderful restorative!


  3. That is so cool Val! I love doing that too, having lunch or breakfast with friends. There is a place in town, that serves only home grown stuff, home made breads, and vegetables and fresh eggs etc. They have good breakfast items.
    It is lovely to meet up with friends from work and spend time chatting about work and other workers. Enjoy!


    1. I used to take friendships for granted when I was in HS and college. Now I work hard to keep them close and to have regular interactions! Besides it is really fun to be able to catch up with everything going on behind the scenes. I’ve eaten at Bowl of Pho (a Vietnamese restaurant), India Garden, and Nick’s Patio (a Greek establishment)… If this keeps up I may need to go on a strict diet!!


    1. You really should read me daily so you would be in the loop. Better yet you should blog! I know you keep journals so putting them online here would be a snap. And as a bonus you can keep some “private” where no one or only certain people can see them….


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