Looking Nosy

The questions below are copied from smlret’s “My Blog – Just another WordPress.com site” who took it from lifelessons, who copied them from another blogger. She suggested a simple cut and paste to a new post, adjusting answers to each question, and adding a link to the comments in her post. I love these “questionnaires,” so I’m playing along and would love to read your answers!

1. Do you like mustard? in a word NO!
2. Choice of carbonated drink? I don’t drink carbonated beverages but back in the day it would have been Dr. Pepper for the win!
3. Do you own a gun? I have no tolerance for guns. I do not own one and would never allow one in the house. I believe in the police force.
4. Whiskey, Tequilla, Rum or Vodka? I’m absolutely no fun. A teetotaler by choice. Alcohol tastes awful and has undesirable effects on me – I’ve never been drunk because I fall asleep before getting any kind of “buzz”!
5. Hot dogs or Cheeseburgers? Hm. I suppose I’d rather have a really good cheeseburger. Plain – just the meat, cheese and bun. A really good burger doesn’t need all that other glop to taste delicious.
6. Favorite Type Of Food? I’m partial to Thai and Japanese sushi. However good Italian is not to be ignored. And good old American BBQ ribs done right are irresistible!
7. Do you believe in ghosts? Can I claim to be agnostic in my belief of ghosts?
8. What do you drink in the mornings? I only have water to slug down some morning medications.
9. Can you do a 100 Pushups? Hahahahaha! Really? Hahahahahaha!
10. Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall?? Fall is my favorite followed by Spring.
11. Favorite hobby? Geocaching, or… nah, its geocaching.
12. Tattoos? Not in this lifetime.
13. Do you wear glasses? Yes. Except when I work at the computer – I’m nearsighted and I sit close enough that I don’t need them currently. I imagine time may change that…
14. Phobias? I do not like or tolerate the 8-leggers.
15. Nickname? Muris, Muri, Mouse one, Squeaker, Pitsie, Red, Hey You – I answer to most names and sometimes even when I’m not being addressed!
16. Three drinks you drink? Water, Propel, Milk
17. Biggest Downfall? I never learned to curse effectively.
18. Rain or Snow? Rain
19. Piercings? I got my ears pierced at 16. I developed a metal allergy at 40. Currently my ears have closed so the current answer is no.
20. Kids? Just 2 sons with whom I am well pleased.
21. Favorite color? Black. It is a long story.
22. Favorite age? I enjoy 5th graders and college freshmen. But all ages have their charms – well most do… The 7th grade boys who haven’t discovered deodorant are not especially pleasant to be around.
23. Can you whistle? Nope. I have tried for the last 57 years to get the hang of it to no avail. I was scarred for life in 1st grade playing the clap, snap, whistle game…
24. Where were you born? Flint, MI
25. Brothers or Sisters? 2 younger sisters. I was “the first yard off the bolt” as Aunt Maisy would say.
26. Surgeries? Hmmm. Let me count – 9 I think but I may have missed one or two little ones.
27. Shower or Bath? Shower is the only way to go. I don’t like to create my own soup.
28. Like gambling? Nope. I prefer to give my money away to organizations that will help people…
29. Broken bones? Wellllll. It depends. I’ve never broken a bone accidentally. I have had my jaw broken surgically and my maxilla broken as well.
30. How many tv’s in your house? 2 — one in the Family room (the new flat screen, HD smart TV) and one in the basement that is too big and old to be sold that is not hooked up to cable or antenna that is used for the xBox.
31. Worst pain in your life? Working for SWMNBN for 26 years.
32. Do you like to dance? Nah. I’d rather watch others and get a good laugh. I’m not coordinated and have no rhythm!
33. Are your parents still alive? My mother is still spry and lively. My father passed in 2007.
34. Do you like to go camping? No. Nyet. Nein. Nah. Nee. Non. Nahi. Não. Nej. Ochi. Nihil. Không. Dim. Cha. Nope!

Please join in! These are fun to do and fun to read and remind me of when I used to blog on xanga. All you have to do is copy (CTRL+c), paste (CTRL+v), and change the answers to reflect your experiences!

32 thoughts on “Looking Nosy

  1. Normally, I don’t find these questionnaires to be very interesting, in spite of the fact that I’m voyeuristic by nature. However, it’s interesting to see our similarities, which I attribute to our conservative, mid-west upbringing, and our dissimilarities in nature…you’re disciplined and brilliant while I’m a dilettante risk-taker. Interestingly, my best friend is just like you.


    1. Hehe! I think more than half of the internet is made of voyeurs! I think I’d really like to hang out with you. That risk taking is a problem only when I listen to 10 year old me…


            1. That was another thing I wanted to discuss. Sparky isn’t too keen on a b’day party for a little one so if we went together that would be great. Do you have any gift ideas???


    1. That would be one way to do it! Our master bath doesn’t have a tub and I’m fine with that. The main bath has a tub if I ever wanted to soak (which hasn’t happened in the last 40 years).


      1. We are starting to develop plans for our master bath remodel. It will still have a tub. I soak at least once weekend. Wrangler says with a deeper tub he would so when his back problems act up.


    1. Ha! Which number do you have?? 8?16?40?57??? “From the makers of Gatorade, Propel Electrolyte Water is water enhanced with electrolytes for fitness and is the only water, among national enhanced water brands, with enough electrolytes to replace what you lose in sweat.” It is how Gatorade does water…
      I’d love to see your answers to these questions!

      Liked by 1 person

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