Looking Colorful

Calmkate posted a little prompt on her Friday Fun all about color. I had just had a little conversation about synthestes – that is people with a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived with one or more additional senses such as sight. Another form joins objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people’s names with a sensory perception such as smell, color or flavor. It is common among highly creative people…

So for your amusement:

I see deep greens in azure streams
Murky depths where the light is low
My prism eyes detect the separate strands
I feel the colors of the swirling flow
Rough red and sharp saffron through my hands
My crimson blood glassine released from within
I taste the tang of purple and drink indigo in gulps
Running carmine and cobalt off lip and chin
My mouth is not big enough to contain the flavors
I hear the humming hues in harmony and chorus
Bass brown countered by a soprano buzz of blue
My soul sings in counterpoint in greens of forest
I smell fragrant fuchsia inhaling violet vapors
Inviting me to become the water’s bride
My scent changed from musk to salty liquidity
I want to be washed, soaked in color, tie-dyed
No artist’s palette can contain the sight
My thoughts are drenched in grue and bleen
I pray for more than black and white
Hope is water wings glowing octerine
My dreams float above the water line.

21 thoughts on “Looking Colorful

      1. did it? I am happily surprised to know this. it came out so beautifully, I have just read it again, for one like me who tastes words it was a tasteful explosion!


    1. I’m worried that I’ll lose the sense of taste… I think Sparky’s sense of taste and smell are waning. He is eating more and more spicy foods and has to put salsa on everything to make it palatable. As for his sense of smell – he can’t smell a darned thing!


  1. You must be very creative (of course you are. I already knew that.) The only thing I can think of I as an example is when I think of the number 4 or rabbit or carrot or orange I link them all together. When I was very young my mother read a book to me about a rabbit and a carrot. I think there must have been 4 rabbits, but I don’t remember. They probably were eating carrots. I don’t remember that either. I could probably write a poem about that, but it wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful as yours. Anyway I have to leave now and go to a grand-daughter’s school for a program.


  2. You should have a recording and read some of these out loud I believe Dr. Zakiah Ali’s daughter did poetry readings in various places. I would like to hear this read aloud for some of the spelling might make it difficult for me to pronounce much less read them properly with my poor eyesight.


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