Looking for Number Three

Bad things seem to happen in threes. Mr. Fudd’s father in law passed away. He had had surgery for bladder cancer a couple years ago. It had returned but he kept that a secret from his family and especially his wife. He had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital where the truth came out. He died just a few days later. This is a tragic event as his wife is in poor health with declining mental acuity. Mr. Fudd’s wife and her siblings are trying to figure it all out – how to navigate the legal stuff and what to do with their mother who needs assistance now that their father is gone. I will be finishing up part of a study in his place.

The wife of a friend of a friend (only 59 years old) died tragically and suddenly. She and her husband were scuba diving in the Florida Keys. They were exploring a ship wreck about 100 feet down when she started experiencing “distress” according to the news accounts. They were able to get her to the surface but she was pronounced dead at the hospital. They had gone to school with my husband and his siblings. Sparky’s next younger sister was hit hard by the news. She had dated the widower before he dated his wife. They knew each other and the fact that she was so young really took her aback.

I was waiting for the third tragedy. And I didn’t have to wait long. I am talking about events that occur in my sphere – not the national stage so Kobe Bryant, Kirk Douglas, and Robert Conrad’s untimely deaths don’t count in my count-down. It really made me nervous. But as it turns out my third death was not as tragic as it could have been. In fact it isn’t really a tragic death at all. It was my computer and the mouse. I was having issues where my mouse froze. I was sure it was the computer being glitchy and kept rebooting it. Finally I discovered that even a reboot wouldn’t make the cursor move. If I used the pad on the laptop I could move the cursor no problem. It was then that I examined the mouse. The red light had gone out. There was no life left. I was very very distraught. I couldn’t comment on WordPress, I couldn’t do my daily crossword, I couldn’t play Panda Mahjong! With the help of son#1 I went in search of a replacement for the nearly 11 year old dead mouse. I was a tad attached to it since it had out lived 3 computers and fit my hand perfectly. However I found a beauty. It was on sale and has many features the old one didn’t – it has a scroll wheel, it lights up in sync with my keyboard, and has several programmable buttons on the side. It is also ergonomically designed which makes it even more comfortable to use. Seems only fitting that I should get a “gaming mouse” to go with my gaming keyboard…

However it took less than a week to discover that the computer was ill. Not terminal. It was stuck in an endless loop that prevented me from doing anything including turning it off. After a trip to the tech guru and a 2 day β€œhospital” stay, my computer is back to health. A resurrection of sorts. The mouse was a goner but the laptop pulled through.

26 thoughts on “Looking for Number Three

  1. i enjoyed navigating your story, am sorry for the losses so close to home and heart and the old mouse. but you found a replacement! so yay! reading you today made me realise all the more how short time is, i have experienced losses thrice in succession, if what you say is true maybe better times are ahead for me too. a lovely post, though tinged with sadness it warms the heart.

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    1. I’m so glad this was appreciated. There has to be some levity or we would all sink into a deep depression… I’m just glad it was only the computer mouse and there wasn’t any need for a funeral!

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  2. Threes have hit me this last week. Tuesday my cousin’s mom died. Friday there grandma my Great Aunt died. And Saturday my grandma’s best friend died. I am sorry for the loss in your life.


    1. Thanks. The deaths were unexpected and that makes it all the more jarring. As for the computer, it was only 6 mos. old and was still under warranty so the repair was free. It is now working great!! (and I’m trying to get to all the posts and comments I missed while I was off-line)

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            1. And that’s a very good thing! In my circle we never use the term precious to refer to people – it is a code word for animals that are the exact opposite. For example: when encountering a pet with horrible fleas we will say “Isn’t she precious?!” This is because we don’t want to offend the owner but when we have to handle that pet it is not pleasant… I’m hoping you wouldn’t fall into that category! (I’m a veterinary nurse BTW)

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              1. lol I had wondered what your training was … I am a great Hobbit fan and Gollum used the term ‘precious’ often … I like it in terms of fragile or a ‘princess’ eg means I am thick skinned NOT precious fragile or flea bitten 😎


  3. I wonder how many people will make sure their aging computer is backed up in response to your reminder that the death of a computer is a truly traumatic event. Probably not many…it won’t happen to me.


  4. I’ve always heard that bad things happen in 3s, especially deaths. After reading your post, I started to wonder………do good things also happen in 3s? I’ll have to try to notice in the future.


    1. Good question! I think that people in general take note of the negative more readily than the positive. In my life there are lots of positives and very few negatives so they do tend to stand out!


    1. Thanks Sheryl! All is well and the Celebration of Life for the younger woman who died was joyous. Many people attended the service and even the Mayor got up and spoke fondly of her. The sorrow will last for a while but the healing has begun.

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