Looking to Giggle

Sparky and I made the rounds to several Goodwill Stores on their Senior Half Price Sale day. At the first stop I didn’t find much (a pair of leggings – yeah I know) and a top. Sparky on the other hand made the big score. He found for himself 2 wool shirts (think lumberjack), a like new Nike Predator exercise shirt, a cool t-shirt with airplanes on the front, 2 DVDs, and some ankle weights. He was very happy. At the next Goodwill Store we both found some things along with a laugh. This store is in a very shady part of town and I never go there without Sparky. The store has a career center next door and most of the employees working on the floor and the back are doing their mandatory community service. Anyway, I was trying on some shoes while Sparky was photographing a violin case to see if Son#2 was interested for $2. As I was bent over wedging my foot into a short boot someone put their hand on my backside. I jumped and straightened up turning only to see a strange man smiling at me. His smile turned to surprise and faded to horror as my eyebrow shot up to stratospheric levels. He sputtered an apology as he furiously looked around. Seems he was looking for his wife and mistook my behind for hers. She was located on the other side of the shoe rack. I had a good chuckle and the man was relieved that I was not screaming for the police. He must have said he was sorry a dozen times. I imagine he was going to have to explain to his wife why he was so red in the face!

We then traveled to another store. I managed to find a dress and another pair of leggings (yes I have a problem). I also found some silverware that matches my everyday stuff – and scored 8 soup spoons, 4 teaspoons, 4 tablespoons and 4 dinner forks. The big find was a Vera Bradley snap closure purse for saintvi. So we go to check out and I buy the purse and leave Sparky to make a separate transaction with the rest of the stuff (including another shirt for him). I’m standing there watching as he fumbles for his Good Points card and credit card. The cashier is efficient and friendly – emphasis on efficient. She quickly rings up the all the spoons and forks, the clothes, and reaches for the coffee mug. As she is turning it upside down to check the price Sparky is gasping and stuttering “N-N-No!” You see the mug was Sparky’s and had coffee in it! That will teach him to put his coffee on the counter or maybe he will remember not to bring it into the store. The cashier was laughing about it and said she was going to charge him for his coffee and the mug! I giggled all the way out…

Sometimes the simple things can bring a smile or a giggle. Although we found some treasures (another hammered aluminum bowl for me and a couple really expensive shirts for Sparky), the real find was a little mirth from some interactions with the people we met.

35 thoughts on “Looking to Giggle

  1. I haven’t been in our Good Will for a long time. Can’t imagine trying to navigate with a walker though I suppose they have a cart I could throw it in. I have second thoughts about donating things to them as so much stuff is left out back and I imagine discarded.


    1. They don’t toss much as any clothing that can’t be sold is used for rags that they sell to businesses like mechanics… When the Salvation Army was across the street I’d see stuff that had been in Goodwill that hadn’t sold appear on the Salvation Army shelves (at a reduced price).


  2. glad you handled the touch up better than me, I would have automatically slapped him and he’d have to explain the red welt to his wife! lol I make a policy of not taking anything into op shops … I have lost a hat, umbrella and other things that way. If you put them down or drop them they are sold in a blink πŸ™‚


  3. Wow, you were busy today. Sounds like you got some deals, especially your husband. I used to slap people who touched me when my PTSD was bad. It’s waned since I left the army (no combat, just stress that stressed my childhood stuff) and am not stressed out often. I even slapped my eighty-nine-year-old grandma. I think I’ve said this. I still feel bad. She was more concerned about me than the assault. She’d come into the computer room to give me my pills.


  4. Wow, I am always trying to be lean and get rid of things. You are a collector. Shady parts of town are so mixed in the Tampa Bay area that if I waited for my husband to come with me…I would never go. Teaching has taught me perhaps to be a little more street wise as in aware of my surroundings.


    1. I am usually very aware of my surroundings when alone but it doesn’t hurt to have backup! I do collect things but I’m also adverse to spending any more than I have to. For instance I needed some new Corelle bowls but didn’t have the heart to pay $5.99 each so I’ve been looking at Goodwill. Got 2 for $0.49 so I only need 3 more! I have an abundance of patience so I’m willing to wait for them to show up at the thrift store… I suppose I will get rid of some things as I weed out the storage but I’m not ready to KonMari my life!

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        1. Wow. I’ve never felt in danger when at work (even if it was late at night) but I worked in a secured facility that required card key access and then additional keys to get into individual rooms/areas…

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          1. Wow, no. I work in a very open campus and there have been some weird things. I keep the door locked and I know the office people nearby. I also work with at risk teenagers and I never know how they will handle things (With my other part time job). They teach me a lot.


          2. I totally enjoyed the quiet day after conferencing with the students in the Poetry Lounge. Then I picked up some pitas for the husband and I and headed home. Perfect day and my neighbor brought over some chocolates and tulips for us!!!


  5. I might have not been so pleasant towards the man with distracted hands, had he placed them on Penny’s backside, way back when. Then again, she’d have already clobbered him. Kudos to you, for being forbearing. I’m glad Sparky’s cup didn’t give the cashier a second shower.


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