Looking at My Sweetie

St. Valentine’s Day has rolled around again. The stores are piled high with poor quality chocolates in expensive boxes (heart shaped no less). Tomorrow the remaining candy will be 50% off. But for today they will hold the line to wring every penny from the young men and women who will rush in after work in a panic to get a gift for their sweetie at the last minute. I’m old and Sparky and I have been married for a long time. We don’t spend loads of money on this (made-up) holiday. Well, to be honest it isn’t completely a fiction but the current iteration is so commercialized that it barely resembles anything St. Valentine would have endorsed. Nevertheless we celebrate but in a slightly different fashion. First we will go out to eat at Taco Bell. The whole meal will probably come in at just under $6.00. Then we will head home. Yes, we are really wild things. You see love is not about money or gifts. True love is comfortable and warm. I don’t need fireworks. A snuggle on the sofa and a cup of hot cocoa can be as romantic as a fancy dinner out. Too many people seem to think that if there aren’t flashing lights and loud music it can’t be love. As soon as the thrill (a transient experience) is gone they pitch the relationship. At the first sign of disagreement or conflict they bail. Too many think of love as a roller coaster ride and once the thrill ends they move on….

She had dreams born of chocolate
Silky smooth and sweet
Wherein her love was gallant
And kind and noble
His hair thick and untamed
But they always dissipated
Once she swallowed
Eyes open her hero stood
Not on a battlement
But on a step stool
Hair thinning and a paunch
Light bulb in hand
Balancing the ceiling light
Removing the dead bugs
With gentle eyes he smiles
And calls her “my love”
And it is sweeter than chocolate

32 thoughts on “Looking at My Sweetie

  1. oh my heart melted at the part when he calls her my love while cleaning out dead bugs, that is true love and it is beautiful and priceless. you are blessed and I always feel such warmth and goodness reading your words and sharing.

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    1. I suppose I’m too practical for roses… I prefer a less flashy flower. Carnations and daisies are always more my speed. We shared an ice cream and looked lovingly into each other’s eyes and then we cracked up and laughed until we cried!

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  2. Wrangler and I make an effort for our anniversary. Valentine’s Day is just another day for us. We are going to a tourist stop we have been wanting to go to for five years. But that is because we have time to kill and it’s semi friendly more than a celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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      1. It is. We usually dress up and go to an expensive restaurant. 20 to 30 bucks a meal compare to 5 to 15. This year we were sick so lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant at home was our celebration.


  3. I was in Wal Mart yesterday for groceries. I was amazed at the $99 bears going out the cashier lines. Personally I’d settle for a red balloon with no writing. I have to accept my husband can’t even remember my birthday now. So be it, at 80 I’m just glad to be here. Like the poem.

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  4. We have the best neighbors also. She and her family gave us chocolates and beautiful tulips. Years ago, I presented her son and family with a tray of cupcakes…I was honestly so surprised!!


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