Looking Fabulous

Calmkate posted on her Fun Friday a call for what I find fabulous. Fabulous is a word derived from the Latin fabulosus meaning celebrated in fable. Through permutations in French and finally English we end up with the modern definition of the word: resembling or suggesting a fable a: of an incredible, astonishing, or exaggerated nature b: wonderful, marvelous or lastly c: told in or based on fable. So that said, most of the time my life is truly fabulous. I will admit to a charmed existence. I have a rich inner dialogue and an over active imagination. I think my mental story line is a fable where I am the heroine. I have super powers. I can do magic. I dream in color. To that end I wear fabulous hats.
My latest fabulous hat makes me look like a Russian autocrat’s wife.
The first is how it is worn when it isn’t all that cold or windy. The 2nd photo is what you do when it is really frigid!
It is completely delicious (oops I mean fabulous)! The crown is real leather and from the suppleness it might be lamb or kid. The fur embellishment is dyed rabbit fur. Of course a really expensive version would have sable or fox fur. Wearing this hat I can ride in a sleigh pulled by caribou or reindeer. I can imagine walking and hearing the snow squeak under foot as it does when the temperature drops into negative numbers without feeling the cold. But you be the judge…

47 thoughts on “Looking Fabulous

  1. The hat indeed without a doubt is fabulous and add to that, you look lovely in the photograph. I’ve always wanted to wear something like that but we live in a tropical country where the sun is up all through out the year, makes it impossible..


          1. think they lived in centrally heated mansions and probably never ventured out into the cold … I camped there during winter and would have great appreciated such a hat!


    1. Life is what you make it! I spent 26 years working in a hostile environment and in that time developed a rich inner life and discovered many truths. One of which is what others say about you does not determine your self worth. Another is that whimsy can carry you through tough times. The best part is that my hats drove my detractors to distraction but they were unable to do anything about it! (passive aggressiveness in its purest form). Besides the hats make me happy!

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    1. Really?! Did you go to university in Russia? All the men who have hats similar to this wear the Persian lamb variety… I can imagine though that the hats are quite expensive if made with fox or beaver or even sable or mink!

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