Looking Lucky

Today is Friday the 13th. To me it isn’t a big deal as it is just another Friday. In the larger scheme of things it is the day before Goodwill half price day. There is no real significance and no danger that I attach to this particular date. However I have friends who get a little nervous on any Fridays that land on the 13th day of any month. On days like today they would light a candle at the Grotto, say an extra prayer, refuse to make any left turns in the car, call in sick and stay in bed all day… My father was born on the 13th so every so many years his birthday would fall on a Friday. That meant cake for dessert (not an unlucky event to my mind). In fact there are more good things about Friday the 13th than bad:

☘ It is a Friday and that makes it a good day.
☘ Fridays are traditionally pay days.
☘ Friday there are special deals at some of my favorite restaurants.
☘ Friday high school sports – be it football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.
☘ Open Mic night at a couple venues.
☘ No cover charge at the Black Cat.
☘ They put out the new Woo-hoos at Kroger.
☘ Lenten Fish Fry nights!
☘ Fried Squid on the buffet at Hibachi Grill.

So there you have it. A lovely bulleted list of lucky things. I think today is not only pay day but date night. Maybe we will go to Hibachi Grill or maybe the Jonah Fish Fry at Church (served by the Sons of St. Monica). So the big question is whether you think Friday the 13th is a lucky or unlucky day?

16 thoughts on “Looking Lucky

    1. It would be but with the COVID-19 social distancing and most of the eateries closed except for carry-out we didn’t get any squid. And it looks like if I want squid I’ll have to make it myself…

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  1. my grandfather was born on the 13th and so is my eldest daughter, my best friend is also born on a 13th in fact its his birthday today, they all bring me much joy and happiness, so 13 is just a number but yay I love Fridays, blessed weekend to you, thank you for the lovely list of good things!


    1. I can imagine there was lots of internet traffic… My new computer didn’t come with a word program so I was able to download a free one that has worked great so far (since September).


  2. Friday the 13th has never been an unlucky day for me. In fact, it’s generally a happy and productive day- and yes, we can get calamari at the fine dining Italian place (albeit in take-out, these days.)


    1. Glad to see you have options for the small delights in life. The favorite places on my list have stopped serving anything… Still the 13th is never an unlucky day. It is just another day… Hoping that the next Friday the 13th is easier to navigate (Nov)!

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