Looking at Knots

She tied the knot in the corner of the bed sheet
A mumbled prayer dribbled off her lips
Past the woman tying knots in a hankie
Tears running off her chin to splash
Across her wedding ring
A reminder of the knot tied so long ago
She walked to the desk her stomach in knots
From anxiety and fear and lack of lunch
All the knots frayed from holding so long
Knowing that the knot holding this man
To his life was loosening
No amount of fancy rope work
Bowline, half hitch or square knot
Would tie him up and keep him here

They don’t allow it anymore. A longtime ago the nurses would tie a knot in the corner of the sheet of a patient on the brink of death. The superstition was that by tying a knot in the sheet the person would be “tied” to this life and not pass on your shift. Now any nurse caught performing this little ritual would be reprimanded and possibly fired. We as a species have a long history of knot tying. We do it all the time either literally or figuratively. When was the last time you were tied in knots or tied something in knots??

38 thoughts on “Looking at Knots

  1. never heard of that before but totally love your unusual way of ‘knotting’ the words together!

    My last big knotting episode was tying all my wheels together to make a climbing wall for my plants πŸ™‚ Would never do it to a dying person, they should leave when they are ready πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the compliment! I love your climbing wall and I’m trying to get Sparky on-board to do the same for our garden (would look better than the twine and sticks he has used recently)! As for the sheet knots – it really doesn’t work. When your time is up it is up and you pass on.

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          1. I got mine from the local dump, had to pull off the gear thingy, greasy with ball bearings, then paint them … I love it and now the neighbours call me the bike lady πŸ™‚


  2. I never had heard of tying a knot at death like that. I used a dowel rod to support a plant heavy with flowers. I tied a knot with twine around a stem to the dowel.


    1. Your knot is not as death defying as the knots in sheets. Sparky had to stake up some of his pepper plants a few years ago. The tomato cages make tying them up obsolete now…


        1. Hehe! I fortunately do not have access to hog panels. I’ll forgo the option of using them for tomatoes to ensure I do not have to go anywhere near a swine operation!!


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