Looking for Clarity

Day breaks and the veil is lifted
Into the darkness light is sifted
With rains the sky is cleansed
I see clearly through a new lens
From a cave I burst into bright day
The blindfold removed as I run away
Leaving behind sorrows and tears
New found courage replaces my fears
I run to the edge and leap for the sky
Confident that truly I can finally fly

There are moments in every life where in an instant you can see clearly. What we do with that truth is the measure of our heart and mind. I was driving to the university and all of a sudden I saw clearly the situation that had been hovering before me. With that clear vision I could also see the path that would lead me away from the confusion and uncertainty. It seemed so simple. However my frustration and even anger had obscured the solution. I was able to let go of all of the roadblocks and deal with problem efficiently.

I know you are all wondering what my problem was. Well, it related to my former work and the expectation by some that I was still responsible for certain tasks. I am now able to chuckle softly and respond with civility. And I’m retired and I don’t work for them and I’m not responsible for their problems… (shakes head and laughs hard in the privacy of my home).

34 thoughts on “Looking for Clarity

    1. Absolutely… It wasn’t all that serious but some people can’t move on with change. They try to resist and keep things the same – perhaps out of a sense of comfort in the routine or maybe they just didn’t get the memo. Either way, they are now “with the program” and have been pointed in a different direction!

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  1. Clarity often comes unexpectedly. I’m glad everything came into focus – even if it is a past situation. Sometimes we need that clarity just for peace of mind. peace & smiles


    1. Sort of past… I’ve been working for two of the labs so I’ve been around. It was kind of a pin the tail on the donkey thing – people just wanted me to handle things because I was there…

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth! The answer was right there all the time – I was just a tad too close to see it! Now all is right with that world (until this virus stepped in)…


    1. No. Just pester me with questions and recriminations about how they can’t do something because it is my problem… All has been resolved and now they are only asking for advice instead of blaming me for abandoning them.

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