Looking for a Challenge

Today is not only April Fool’s Day but the first day of National Poetry Month. This is the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year – Spring, Eastertime, poetry month, swapping the winter for spring/summer clothes, and full on geocaching (despite the ongoing social distancing)! There are so many more important issues at hand that I hesitated to post a poetry challenge. However saintvi informed me that she was looking forward to another “poetry challenge like last year”. The rules are simple – comment with a link to your poem, link back to this challenge on your page so we can get as many participants as possible… So to oblige saintvi, I present this year’s NPM Super Poetry Challenge:

1. Use the following words in a poem – fish, hands, lips.
2. Use the following in a poem – willow, bird, tea.
3. Write a poem about a porch swing.
4. Write a cascade poem.
5. Use the theme of ripening in a poem.
6. Write a quatern about new leaves.
7. Write a poem using the words – stars, pine, sky, wind, chill.
8. Use the following words in a poem – rice, mice, nice.
9. Explore your feelings about deceit in a poem.
10. Write about 2 opposites using an Etheree and a Reverse Etheree.
11. Write an acrostic poem using a word to describe your worst enemy.
12. Write 3 haiku.
13. Bonus: Get extra points and bragging rights by writing a poem using the following words – basil, candle, ink, tub, bread, lace.

So here is my first poem for NPM using prompt #1:

The food is served
In ritual old as time
She lifts her hands
Prays in rhyme

Take this fish
Bless this meal
Strengthen body
Sinners heal

With palms together
Raised to her lips
Inhales the aroma
Sea creature dish

Ponders silent
With a slight frown
When Christ broke bread
And all sat down

Multiplying loaves
The odor dwell
Did his hands retain
A fishy smell

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