Looking for Quantum Entanglements

Once again Kim Hawke’s MMPP has truly kicked me in the pants. The first prompt I considered was: Explore the quantum, in whichever version appeals to you. After mulling that over for 2 weeks I stared to compose only to have another prompt: Investigate mothers sneak into my mental gymnastics. I present a Kyrielle.

A mother’s love creates a bond
Within the womb and far beyond
Love two souls entwine and cement
A strong quantum entanglement

A daughter knows her mother’s voice
With hugs and kisses will rejoice
Know near or far the heart’s intent
A strong quantum entanglement

We know not how or why its so
Through time and space all mothers know
If the babe is ill or content
A strong quantum entanglement

Death comes knocking upon our door
Parts the embrace for evermore
The soul in joy will not lament
A strong quantum entanglement

37 thoughts on “Looking for Quantum Entanglements

  1. Clever, Muri! I like how you’ve braided the two prompts. How love and connection remain constant in all circumstances, even death. How moms “just know” things from hundreds of miles away. 🙂


  2. Ohhhh how I love this one!!! AMUST for your book but needs a title! I would love to share this one too since we just had mother’s Day. What do you call this poem the title I mean?


    1. Thanks tons Kate! The kyrielle is good for that – putting the emphasis on that last line. Yes having a positive relationship and unconditional love from your mother is priceless and should be a given. But in this world it isn’t always so….

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    1. Ha! Mothers always can tell. If one of the boys is fibbing I can tell – they give themselves away. They would hate me if we played poker as I believe I know all their little “tells”… It is a mom thing!

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