Looking at My Hobby

Quick like a bunny
Sprint across the green
Looking for a treasure
The log book pristine

Making the first to find
I do a victory dance
Hide the cache for others
And to another one I prance

Faster than a rabbit
Another first to find
Sign the log with glee
Leave my name behind

So here is another prompt in the MMPP prompts by Kim Hawke – Poem us your favorite hobby or passion.

As you might know I love to geocache. It is a great way to go places and see things off the beaten path. I’ve talked about some of the phrases we used when the boys were young and “quick like a bunny” is one of them. It seemed only appropriate when we first started caching and a new cache published that we would employ that same phrase as we hustled out the door hoping to be the First To Find (FTF). With several thousand finds under our belts we no longer feel the need to kill ourselves to rush for a FTF. If we get lucky enough to be FTF then we celebrate but we are not dashing off while supper gets cold or skipping appointments!!

42 thoughts on “Looking at My Hobby

    1. Hehe! Yeah. I’m a little geocaching obsessed right now – I have one more day in May to find a cache and my month will be filled (trying to find a cache on every day on the calendar). All of June and August are filled too so only a few days remain on July… This is the year!


      1. Really? I didn’t know how prevalent they are. On occasion, we’ve seen people wandering around in odd areas of public spaces like they’re looking for something, maybe they’re geocachers. πŸ™‚


        1. You are about to have your world turned upside down. Go to geocaching.com and on the main page watch the video. If you make an account (free) you can access the maps and put in your city and it will show you the locations of all the geocaches within a 10 mile radius… So the short answer is yes, they very well could have been geocachers!


  1. Loving this bit of fun!!! And thank you for explaining it a bit more. Sounds wonderful; I’ve always loved maps, compasses, all of that. AND treasure. πŸ˜‰


  2. It sounds like fun, Muri, although I’d rather do the hiding than the finding. Do people do that? Have you and Sparky often been FTF? Or is it a rare treat? Happy Friday, you are killing it on these MMPP prompts! πŸ™‚


    1. Anyone can hide caches too but it is best to have found at least 100 before you do so that you get an appreciation for the different types of containers and the different difficulties and terrain ratings… We have found our share of FTFs. I even found 2 on the same day!! To be FTF you have to go hunt for them immediately after they publish or you end up 4th or 10th to find. We live in an area with lots of active geocachers so there is a lot of competition for the FTF. I’m tickled you think I’m doing well with the prompts! (some of these have threatened to kill me!)


    1. There are often geocaches associated with Little Libraries! Some of them have a metal plate on the bottom that is ideal for a magnetic key holder type cache. Other ones I’ve seen have a container inside or attached to the post or in a “chimney” on the roof. Sparky is working on one now to make it look like a lighthouse where the cache is in the top and the library below!! It is for saintvi to place at her house… I think it would be fun to have a geocache in your community.

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  3. lol those early dashes for FTF sounds like the hobby was more an obsession, now it’s a hobby but I can feel the joy it brings in this sweet poem!


    1. Most of the caches would “go live” in the evening and it was fun during the summer months when it stayed light until after 9 PM. In the winter it was not doable since I’m not so fanatical to brave sub-zero temps and deep snow to search with a flashlight… Yes we have been having lots of fun with this hobby/sport and met some very nice people too!

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          1. yea I’m about three hours south and inland but does sound like they’d be in most places … I’ll ask you how to start if ever I get the opportunity and please don’t tell me now as I really wont take it in πŸ™‚


    1. Thank-you Sheryl! It is a lot of fun! Went out today with a friend (wearing masks and keeping our distance) to grab 2 caches in a cemetery! There wasn’t anyone (alive) around…


    1. It is a lot of fun and it isn’t an expensive hobby – a cell phone and an ink pen or pencil… check out geocaching.com – they have an introductory video that explains it better than I can!

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