Looking at Sunny Days

The temperature climbs higher
Humidity makes it dire
From the pan into the fire
The sun is an oil-less fryer

Take a quick dip into the pool
Trying to get just a little cool
I’m so pale I look like a ghoul
Water’s warm – played for a fool

Once inside my skin turns red
Move ice bag from shoulder to head
Blisters and peeling is what I dread
Hurts so much I wish I were dead

I’ve had enough of the blazing sun
I shout to summer that I’m done
Vow the daylight I will shun
Inside AC is way more fun!

Just some little monorhyme stanzas to while away my time. It has been HOT HOT HOT! I’m one of the ghostly white skinned red-heads who burns with only a mere 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight. Sparky jokes that I must be part vampire. The sun is not my friend. I have a drawer full of sunscreen. I really like the Neutrogena SPF 100 for faces but it only comes in a little 4 oz tube and costs an arm and a leg. So I’ve got a variety of other brands for the remaining arm and leg reserving the special stuff for what it was designed for – my face. The Banana Boat brand in the sport formulation (supposedly sweat proof) at SPF 80 is pretty good but leaves you very greasy and slippery. I have a Coppertone SPF 85 that is a “dry” formula that goes on as a lotion and then isn’t shiny. The draw back is that it is really hard to get it spread evenly. There is a generic brand we bought out of desperation on a geocaching trip a couple years ago from a Dollar Tree. It is SPF 90 and works great – except for the horrible smell. Sparky put it on my back and shoulders and then couldn’t get the smell off his hands even with soap and water! When they say it is water proof they mean it! So I’m trying to avoid a sunburn as I’ve had too many and have the scars on my shoulders to prove it. The sad thing is that even with the sunscreen I’m only good for about an hour of direct sun before I start to “pink” and that moves very quickly into the boiled lobster red range…

79 thoughts on “Looking at Sunny Days

            1. Indeed. We were able to get a very nice window unit for only $40 at an estate sale. It was only a couple years old and had not been used much. It replaced out very old and noisy window unit…

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  1. Our daughter has light skin with freckles. I have some sunscreen for my face and it has expired. Consistency seems fine but how effective would it be? I am missing plopping my hat on of late. Need to shield my nose. 🙂

    The poem is a good one.


    1. Bonnie I can sympathize with the expired sunscreen – I’ve found it to still work as long as it doesn’t separate. I try hard to make sure I’m out of the sun. My SIL had to have a big chunk of skin removed from her forehead due to skin cancer. I guess when you are a sun worshiper that is bound to happen. It makes just one more reason to apply the sunscreen and stay in the shade!


            1. That is the truth! People think that there is nothing you have to do for a barn cat but you still need to feed them and provide care… The owls will take care of the rodents and you don’t have to do a thing!


  2. “The sun is an oil-less fryer.” Amen to that. I don’t burn super-easily but I can’t take the heat. I go out for 20-30 min a day to walk my dog. If you color-matched my legs at the paint store, the shade would be called “whale belly” or “bleached sock.” Our early morning temps have been in the high 50’s for the past two days, sweet relief. 🙂


    1. I know the feeling. I wore sandals into work once and some one asked my why I was wearing socks with my sandals. I was sock-less. I think they were a little embarrassed about it… I had to put on a rain jacket because the rain had cooled it off to the low 60s but by mid morning it was back in the 80s…

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  3. I don’t do sunshine or heat very well either. Since I have no pool, nor a dog to walk, I don’t have any reason to go out into the sunshine at all. In other years (without the shelter in place), I might have enjoyed a public pool visit or a fun beach outing with the grandson. I would cower in the shade as soon as I’d feel the familiar “sizzle” of my skin getting too warm. That has saved me from the most painful effects of sun exposure most of my life.

    I love your poem. This summer has been a bit brutal with sweltering nights that never get cool enough to overcome the stifling heat of the daytime. Whew!

    SO thankful for air conditioning in the deepest core of my being. I lived without it for most of my life. As a senior, doing that would have been really dangerous for me this summer.


    1. Yes Dodi, AC is a life saver! I never understood how people who tan could get such bad sunburns and not realize it! I can feel that prickle that is the first sign that I’m going to start cooking in the sun… I’m so pleased that this poem touched you!


      1. You are right Val . I did not think of the ticks . These force you to wear high shoes and trousers . And against the mosquitoes cover yourself with a veil. With those two outfits you will be good looking! 🙂 🙂


        1. I’m on my way but it seems to be stuck in an in between stage. I always thought I’d end up strawberry blond but it doesn’t look like that’s in the cards. My mother still has red hair and she’s 88! (she has never colored her hair…)


    1. Thanks for the tip Zakiah! I’m staying indoors as much as possible and wearing long sleeves. I have a couple shirts made by Solumbra that block UV rays and keep you cool. I wear those if I have to be outside for an extended time.

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  4. love the rhyme of this!

    I have similar colouring and blamed my UK grandmother … I stay well out of the sun, had too many skin cancers removed 😦

    Use aloe vera for the sunburn, it comes in tubes but I prefer to use it directly from the plant … great for burns, bites, stings and doesn’t cost a thing!


    1. So many read heads among my online friends!! I have aloe vera and also “liquid skin” for covering blisters that burst. But the key is prevention so I try to avoid sun exposure… So far I’m cancer free but I keep an eye out for any unusual spots.

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    1. It cooled off briefly when a thunder storm and tornadoes rolled through last night. It dropped about 20 degrees in the matter of a few minutes. Now the temps are back and the humidity is high – as in everything is wilted!

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    1. We had severe thunderstorms and tornadoes last night. Lots of high winds but thankfully no damages here. Hot and steamy has been the norm for the last week. I’m hoping we get some cooler days with a little bit of a breeze. Seems we either get no breeze or gale force winds!

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  5. I recommend staying far from our Lobster Pot-or should I say Hyper Sauna. It hasn’t rained in AZ for nearly a month and the Weather Service says we will get NO monsoon rains the rest of the season. That means no rain until at least November.


    1. I was in AZ in December and stepped off the plane to 100 degree weather. I’ve never been so miserable – between the parched air and the heat! I was a desiccated husk after a week. I had to buy a big container of moisturizer and used most of it before the return…

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