Looking at Small Joys

I have been tagged for another blogging “list”. These awards/surveys/polls/goofy lists all remind me of the heyday of Xanga where we shared our answers and got to know one another one list at a time. There wasn’t any paranoia hanging thick in the air. We were not overly concerned that some evil entity would use our answers to access our bank accounts. With that in mind I’m going to give you my list of 15 things that bring me joy. Be aware, these answers will not get you access to my private data but they may give you some insights into who I am!

First there are always rules. The official Rules and Regulations of this Tag are as follows:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. Cherie White tagged me to make this list and I want to sincerely thank her for making me remember the fun of blogging.
2. List fifteen of your small joys.
3. Tag five other blogger friends who bring you joy.

So to start it off here are the 15 small things that bring me joy:

The little things that bring me joys
Are smiles and laughs of little boys
The sound of rain soft and mild
The rush of wind free and wild
The feel of petals just like silk
The taste of ice cold frothy milk
My heart leaps for joy when I hold
A purring kitten or mouse thatโ€™s bold
When sun beams pierce a dark gray cloud
And jokes and puns with laughs so loud
With joy I sip hot cocoa from a mug
Or run my toes through a thick pile rug
The sound of dry crisp leaves as I walk
And the fun ofย  late night girls’ talk
The beauty of butterfly wings
The sound of my motherโ€™s voice when she sings
Frogs and cicadas in chorus nightly
And poetry among all others rightly!

I’m supposed to tag 5 more bloggers whose posts bring me joy. However I’m going to just say that I can’t quite decide on just 5 as you all bring me joy at one time or another. If you want to play along then consider yourselves tagged otherwise I’d love to know if any of my joys are your joys too!

55 thoughts on “Looking at Small Joys

        1. The bullfrogs don’t seem to like to hang out in my trees like the tree frogs. If I had a pond like yours I’d love the bass line of the bull frogs as counterpoint to the trilling of the spring peepers!


    1. Thanks tons Dodi. I’m so pleased that you liked my list and the poem! It wasn’t instant poetry – it took me several days and a couple revisions but the topic was easy inspiration!


  1. On Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 4:21 AM A Different Perspective wrote:

    > > > > > > > murisopsis posted: ” > > I have been tagged for another blogging “list”. These > awards/surveys/polls/goofy lists all remind me of the heyday of Xanga where > we shared our answers and got to know one another one list at a time. There > wasn’t any paranoia hanging thick in the air. W” > > > >


  2. You enticed me again (& away from a painting!):
    15 small joys

    Let me remember
    while I still can.
    (A mind can be a small joy.)
    Let me live,
    while I am above ground.
    (A body can be a small joy.)
    Let me love
    as much as I can.
    (A heart can be a small joy.)

    Someone that knows you well
    and likes you anyway,
    (a friend is a small joy).

    Someone that grew up with you
    in your family
    and is still a friend,
    (a sibling is a small joy).

    An animal that could choose to be anywhere,
    but comes to be with you,
    (a pet is a small joy).

    Shelter for one’s mind and body and heart,
    abundant small joys.
    Food and water
    for one’s mind and body and heart,
    so many small joys.

    You, and me
    and All That Is,
    enjoying the small joy
    of the oxymoron
    of a small joy.

    ~ kme 8/26/20

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    1. WOW! I love this one! Now to be fair, your painting is spectacular and your ability to convey movement and emotion causes me a little envy (just a little). You do however have a talent with the written word that I’m hoping you nurture just a little bit. Seems when you write, it lifts your painting to a higher level… just saying that poetry is not a distraction from painting but an adjunct…

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            1. Hehe! Not as funny as watching the race and seeing all the flailing and tripping going on!! (Not that you will be doing any of that! I’m pretty sure that if you were going down you’d make it look like it was planned and end up in a chair sipping a cold beverage)

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                1. Okay – you made me laugh! We are all the awkward chicks – at least all the ones on WP that comment here. I guess poetry, art, blogging and a sense of whimsy put us all in line for a little merriment at our own expense… Sort of like laughing and shooting soda out your nose, it hurts but you have to laugh and of course everyone else laughs too!

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  3. love these and relate to most …
    altho my mother couldn’t hold a note!

    joy comes from seeing the sky
    from knowing I’m alive and breathing
    from hearing laughter
    and finding the groceries I prefer
    from walking and cycling
    and sharing all this with friends ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I’m so tickled that you have such wonderful joys! The sensation of knowing (and appreciating) that you are alive is probably something that a vast majority of people never contemplate or revel in. It is their loss!

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  4. There’s a fair amount of overlap between my list and yours. I’m pursuing an idea for a chapbook, getting through the pandemic by writing one short poem a day (all the same form) that relates to what’s going on in my life. Something I read, did, ate, thought, noticed… Many of them center on small joys. Things suck, but I have zucchini bread baking, a library book ready for pick-up, and a happily exhausted dog who had the beach to himself this morning. Georgie has found her mum’s lost dentures (again), a zoo elephant has been released (after 25 years!) into the wild, and unlike Japan, our amusement park has not banned screaming on the rollercoasters. Joy is everywhere, look for it. Great post, Muri. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Ah Joan! I am debating the zucchini bread as I sit here. I have a bag of frozen (from last year that I should have made earlier) and a baseball bat sized zucchini that is not good for much other than shredding for bread… I’m most happy that you enjoyed this post and are in the midst of finding your joys in all the little things! Things do suck but we can make them just a little better by holding onto the little joys!

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  5. This is a good post! I just had another poem accepted by an online journal. I will publish it on my blog on Monday. For fun, I send it out and the same magazine which accepted “Laughing Africa” said yes! Sometimes the timing and sometimes luck. I am envying Joan’s talk about the beach to himself this morning….to retire on the beach or near. A dream.


    1. Thanks Cupcake! I’m pleased you think it good. Congrats on a second one published! I just read an article on impostor syndrome – I’d venture that there was more talent involved than you are allowing! I hope your retirement dreams come true. My sister is living hers on Pensacola Beach. It is a little annoying to have to call her back because she can’t hear me – you know, crashing surf and the sound of the wind off the ocean. Although it is her paradise, I’d be miserable if I was there for more than a week or two….

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      1. Pensacola is beautiful. The picture of the Fort I wrote about is past the Everglades and far from Pensacola. You are lucky to have viewed it! We are really near enough to drive 30 minutes to several beaches, so I guess we are living the dream but a big home is a lot of work. Glad the husband is up to it!


        1. Yes it is a big house but actually smaller than the one they sold in Atlanta. They were using it as a rental property (sleeps 21) but decided to retire there… At least they have room for guests!! I can’t wait until we can go visit again…

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