Looking Healed

Calmkate posed the following question on her Fun Friday post: “What heals you, brings you back into balance, makes you feel whole and wholesome? Share what repairs your tears, your scars, heals your wounds in photos or creative writing, delve deep to help others!”

To answer Kate’s question I give you this little poem chalk full of alliteration. (because alliteration is too much fun):

When I’m bruised and broken
Buried in bitterness beneath
Burdens too big to bear alone
I pray
When I catch catastrophe
Coming through the chimney
Causing a commotion and confusion
I pray
When I doubt my destiny
And death drums on my door
Destroys dreams and dignity
I pray
When I’m frustrated by failure
And fatigue fans the flames
Of folded friendships that fled
I pray
When I’m gulping gratitude
Greeted with gentle goodness
Am given greatness and grandeur
I pray
For healing and wholeness
Are not ill gotten gains
Fortunes only for the fortunate
Who dodge destruction
By casting cripples and children
As burnt offerings to appease
Their little gods’ little egos
I pray and am restored
Because my God loves
Me individually.

63 thoughts on “Looking Healed

    1. Thanks Carrie! Some call it meditation others prayer and still others have additional names. No matter what you name it, getting in touch with the Creator is the most wonderful hug you can get!


    1. Ah! I fixed it and double checked to see if it worked. Success! I’m so pleased that you liked it. I just happened to be inspired by you prompt – you have been on a roll putting some out that refuse to be ignored by my muse!

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      1. Hehe! I’m guessing you liked theearthspins take on this prompt better than mine. Or you replied to his comment thinking you were replying to me… I’m going with you calling me wise! Today is Monday and I need to feel a little wise. Just put in a work day of nearly 4 hrs – I’m pooped and tired. I feel better just re-reading my own post!!

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              1. It can be but often the object does not appear fear inducing – the dog that is wagging its tail and looking friendly that turns and bites when you are within range. I prefer a dog that lets you know up front that it is mean and will bite given the chance…


                  1. I agree. The tricky ones are the ones with the PETA sticker sitting in the dark with a double gauge shotgun on their laps. They are inviting trouble and it becomes a sick game…


        1. You are right, Val; thought I was leaving comment for you; sorry. Yes, you be the wise one. (and compassionate, as I read some of the comments, about your soldier friend, who just wasn’t that kind of soldier) Yay for your own words encouraging you!!!


          1. Hehe! I think that self talk is valuable and reinforces our commitments to ourselves and others. As far as my friend – she wanted desperately to make her military father proud. I think she would have done it if not for an unfortunate accident where she was shot in the elbow. You know 18 yr olds with loaded guns and being clumsy and not paying attention. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time…
            And thanks for thinking me wise!

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  1. Walking, talking, stayin’ alive
    with the rain falling silently
    like no tears..
    I trust my senses…
    mud holds no remorse
    as I smell the fresh air outside the door
    knowing that with time, like water running softly
    cascading will wash away some truth and some lies
    but for now we survive
    by flowing with the rain
    somehow we allow only a few to spot the real
    tears and torrent we fear
    without the rain
    we see no growth.


        1. I’m fine. I had a friend who enlisted in the Army and had a really rough time in Basic training. She would cry in the shower as that was the only place where she could without repercussions. She was severely injured and wasn’t able to complete the basic training – she just wasn’t cut out as a soldier – instead she became a soldier for God – as a minister… (And no, I was not in the military but she wrote me some long letters as she felt I would understand.)

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