Looking at a Steal

I love to go to thrift stores. I love a bargain. I also like to stop at the occasional rummage sale. From the title you’ve already guessed that I found something great. This summer Sparky and I had stepped out to get a geocache and on our way back happened to see a yard sale. Since it was not out of the way we couldn’t help but stop. Wearing our masks, we ambled through the backyard. Most of the items related to small children – toys, clothes, baby equipment like diaper pails and changing tables. There was a Dyson vacuum cleaner that has seen better days. I was tempted but the canister was clear and obviously hasn’t been emptied in eons, and was filled with kitty litter. I finally came to a table with some jewelry and hair accessories. I saw a small brown leather strap peeking out from beneath a pile of winter gloves. I lifted the gloves away to see 2 Coach wristlets. The brown one was marked $5 and the mint green was $4. I picked up the green as that is “my” color but it had seen much better days. The wrist strap was missing and it was grey/black on the corners and the edges next to the zippers. But the caramel brown one was in really good shape. I checked the zippers and they worked. I felt the leather and it was in good shape too. The rule at garage sales is that you never pay the asking price. So I asked if she’d take less and she jumped on the offered $3. When I got to the car I discovered not only 6 pennies hiding inside but the original price tag, care instructions and a little card telling me how to use the wristlet! So go ahead and ask what the original price was.

Go ahead guess!

Give up?

Okay, I’ll tell you.

$95.00 !!!

My fashionista friend carries coach purses all the time. I know how much they cost but have never wanted to spend that much money for something to hold my paltry sums of money. Anyway I was quite pleased to have gotten such a good deal!
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48 thoughts on “Looking at a Steal

  1. I have observed a big difference in the way many men shop in relation to women. I always know exactly what kind of shoes, trousers, underclothes etc that I use, the only difference is in buying a gift for others. Otherwise, I go into the shoe store, pick up the same type and color as the ones I already have several pairs of and pay for them. My wife Shirley would spend hours looking at shoes, then would haggle over the price. Now on the other hand, a man may loose his screwdriver, and run to the store to replace it, ending up with several of the same tool when the first one is found… But you will always know me by the cloths I wear, even if you are only looking at my feet~!

    But read the attached poem to learn of the foolishness of me. The wood chest described is now a coffee table in my house, turned out to be great place to store receipts until tax time instead of the dining room table where they used to reside.



    1. Loved the poem! I suppose it is all for charity so there are no losers! As for the wood chest – that sounds like an excellent solution to piles of paper on the dining room table. I’m sure Shirley appreciated the removal of the receipts to a less conspicuous location!!


  2. I received a beautiful Coach bag as a gift once. I tried to use it but it was way too big to hold the scant necessities that I carry and I worried that someone would snatch it just for its own value. While it was lovely with its patent leather embellishments and red satin lining, I never could enjoy the envy-factor that’s part of owning a beautiful hand bag. I couldn’t help but think that Hannibal Lechter would notice my cheap shoes didn’t match my expensive bag.

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    1. Hehe! I will wear my Goodwill Coach shoes when I carry my Coach wristlet! Of course if I’m mugged they will be very disappointed that all I have is mouse shaped coin purse with a couple dollars and a St. Jude’s medal!


    1. Yes Bonnie it is like a clutch except it is rather smaller – too small to hold a hair brush or even a full sized comb… It can hold a coin purse and your ID but is too small to hold my phone (which is bigger than normal so that I can see the screen)!


  3. we all love a good bargain … I don’t know this kind of purse, so next sale please snap up one for me and add it to my care parcel of tights please πŸ˜‰


  4. 95 -3 = 92 + 6 cents = 92.6. ( I am not sure of my calculus in American !! )
    It is a great deal. You would make a fortune in finance, Val
    The trip with Saintvi gave you the sense to find the good deals hidden under a pile of gloves. Full shape!
    Love ❀


    1. Hehe! Yes Michel – $92.06 was the value after paying $3.00 I don’t think I would do well in finance other than household expenses!! I bought this before the trip with saintvi. While traveling we didn’t get too many bargains but we did find plenty of geocaches!


    1. I’m a thrifty person so it is now difficult to go to a regular store and pay more than the Goodwill price of $8.99 – $12.99 (non-sale) for a dress! I’ve been told I’m so tight with my money that I squeak when I walk…


            1. I just found this comment in my spam folder! I think WP had a serious case of hiccups! If you ever get to South Bend/Mishawaka IN we will have to get together and shop!!


  5. That was indeed a fabulous deal! I can’t imagine anyone around here setting an uncleaned appliance out, at a yard/garage sale. I personally would be ashamed to offer such a device for sale-or even for donation.


    1. That is how some people are – trashy. I’ve always made sure the clothes I put in the garage sale are clean and neatly folded or on hangers! And having stuff cleaned up ensures a better chance to sell it for the asking price!

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  6. That’s an excellent find! I love a good bargain.
    The kitty litter in the Dyson made me both chuckle and go “ewww.” If I ever sold my Shark, I’d be sure to clean out the litter and cat hair first.

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