Looking at the Deceiver

I think we’ve all experienced rejection at one point or another. The pain is real when love dies. Sometimes it is a gradual disengagement. Other times it is a sudden and unexpected murder. No matter how love ends, it is still a brutal loss. We will survive the pain of abandonment, overcome the sense of betrayal, rise from the crushing realization that love has been killed. And we will be stronger and less likely to be duped again.

Who is this devil with the practiced lies?
A deceiver parading their truth
Shouting “It’s not you, it’s me.” as love dies

My life a shambles with a misspent youth
And damages and chaos piled high
Prancing in costume the demon uncouth

I’m armed and dangerous when he draws nigh
I reclaim my voice and shout be gone
Send him back to hell, his power deny

My heart is no longer his chess piece pawn
Pretty lies are but lies all the same
My psyche and life from him I’ve withdrawn

Preening he’s changed both his clothing and name
I can see his happiness is fake
Go away I shout, “I won’t play your game”

Satan’s sly but I won’t make that mistake
He has tricked and burned me once or twice
Shedding skin, wearing lace, he’s still a snake

All I believed was a lie wrapped up nice
I shake my fist raised up to the skies
Curse the deceiver as I pay the price

I know this devil with the practiced lies
Asks the devil, “Will time heal all wounds?”
Hope is real as is deceit, still love dies

This is a little poem with an interlocking rhyme and a syllable count of 10/9/10 for each stanza. There can be any number of stanzas with a minimum number of 4. The middle line is the rhyme for the 1st and 3rd lines of the following stanza… Enjoy!

29 thoughts on “Looking at the Deceiver

  1. Hmm, It’s been a long time since I’ve been hurt or deceived so I had to think about this one. The only ones who lie in my life are people whom I don’t trust anyway, so I’m impervious to their transparent attempts to persuade.


    1. You are fortunate. Sometimes the people you thought you could trust betray that trust and shatter your world… But I’m not writing from my own personal experience (not to worry).


  2. Now, you’re just showing off. 😉 (or my brain hurts, trying to grok the rhyme, syllables, and what else was in there?)
    Keep going; we love reading your mastery!


    1. Not really. I had to settle on the theme and then once I got into the rhythm it was easier than many other forms since it didn’t require anything like iambic pentameter – just counting syllables and doing an interlocking rhyme.


  3. Well played, Muri. I thought this might be a villanelle at first, but quickly realized the rhyme scheme was different. We aren’t hard to fool when we’re young and inexperienced. Hopefully, we learn from those mistakes. 🙂


  4. Great post! Thank you for sharing this form. I have recently started dabbling in poetry. I used to write it in my 20’s. On another note of trust, I’m not that old and wise….but I was sure young and dumb. The heart has healed nicely with faith. 💚


    1. Thanks for the comment Karla! We have all been deceived at some point in our lives. The hardest is that complete betrayal of trust that you just didn’t see coming. The heart does heal but once trust has been destroyed it takes a long time to mend – and the deceiver may never be allowed a place of trust…

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  5. Loved this! The form, is there a name for it? it seems a little complicated. Does the middle line of stanza 1 only have to match the lines 1 and 3 of only one other stanza?
    Besides the form I love the poem itself. The line “Shedding skin, wearing lace, he’s still a snake” is perfect!


    1. Thanks Christine! I don’t remember the name of this form. I found it about 10 years ago and it was just “interlocking rhyme” – at least that is what I wrote in my little binder where I jot down forms that strike my fancy. I’m sure there is a proper name but I can’t find it… Yes the middle line informs the rhyme for the 1st & 3rd lines of the following stanza. That way the rhyme changes with each stanza (makes for more diversity in the rhymes and opens up the possibilities). I’m so glad you like the poem – yes that line about shedding skin is a favorite of mine too!

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  6. I was releived by your disclaimer, in the first response thread. A young friend of mine greeted me, the other day, with news that her boyfriend had flaked out and left her-for the open road. I thought he was committed to her-but NOOO. Friend to fiend is never a pleasant experience.


    1. I had to make sure that everyone (especially my mother) who reads my posts didn’t think it was from personal experience… Hearts can mend but it is not a quick or easy process and the scars can be forever…

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