Looking for the Song

The forest speaks to all who listen there
Calliope of scattered birds take flight
The treetops sway in time with swirling leaves
The wind shakes down the nuts that bounce off bark
And adds a note to Autumn’s final song
The tapping rain percussion plays a tune
With creak of chestnut’s rotted branches fall
A crunch of leaves as doe and fawn walk on
The howling wind pulls at my heart and mind
To pay attention to the forest’s tune
Amid the melody and harmony
There moans the ancient pine that calls my name

I was hiking in the woods with Sparky and my friend saintvi. The wind was blowing so hard that the trees appeared to be performing some sort of ecstatic dance. The tall pines were especially in motion. They didn’t just sway. They were swirling and sweeping then bending in a cambré not unlike ballet dancers. They were singing as they moved. It was an eerie creaking and grinding sound. At first the only thing I could hear was the fierce wind. Once we were in the trees there was a sense of silence that was soon replaced by the appreciation of the sounds of the trees and leaves. When was the last time you really listened to the world around you?

This is blank verse – a poem with unrhymed lines written in iambic pentameter, that is 10 syllables with the even numbered syllables bearing the accent.

33 thoughts on “Looking for the Song

  1. The song was tumultuous with that tempest that twisted the trees. I guess you were impressioned since you speak of this in your delightful poem,Val. ( but it was dangerous too)
    Love ❤


    1. Thank you Michel! The wind was making the trees groan but they were all healthy trees that were still supple and able to bend. I never felt that I was in danger from the trees unless you consider the leaves that were flying around like ninja stars!


        1. Yech! Ticks are awful and no thanks to leeches either! At least this time of year the ticks have mostly found warm bodies and winter burrows so they aren’t actively hitchhiking on the casual passerby!

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  2. Loved it! For a moment I was there, shivering in the wind.

    I haven’t been to the forest since the wildfire swept through; I just don’t feel ready to see the devastation my imagination has visualized. I may have to wait until January 20th to muster up the courage.


    1. Thanks tons Judy! I’m so happy this one transported you to the windy woods. I can understand the hesitation to revisit your woods. The nice thing is that a fire often allows for new growth. We visited out in Oregon (I think it was) and drove through an area that had had a fire – looking for a geocache. The geocache was melted and disintegrating but there were already plants poking up through the ash and char. It was a very sharp contrast and one I wouldn’t have imagined…


  3. Early morning as I open windows I listen. Birds are the first to awaken. If there is wind I can hear line on the flag pole clanking. I listen to the wind chimes on the porch. In the city there is always traffic among the sounds. It has been years since I walked in a forest.


    1. I wish I could bring the forest to you… Still the sound of the birds in the morning and the comforting sound of the flag pole and traffic let you know that all is well with the world!


  4. Beautiful. Last time I listened and enjoyed was the lake in September. I try at home but most of the time I hear barking dogs, screeching fans from the Coop, and equipment and vehicles. And now that it is fall the wind.


  5. The last time was this afternoon. Teddy and I listened to silence broken by the sudden charge of Canada geese off the pond, the warbling caw of cranes in flight, the chatter of cranes hanging out with each other.


  6. Last week we had a windstorm. So bad that one of our trees was knocked right off its trunk, and lay dead on the grass. But, it had some problem. some health issues, about which I will be writing soon.


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