Looking into the Sun

We are having fewer and fewer sunny days or even days where the sun is able to be seen through the grey cloud cover. When it does come out it is a miracle event and everyone seems mesmerized. We have been warned from an early age not to stare or look directly at the sun. I’ve had the experience of driving and the sun is reflected on the back window of the car ahead. Often it is the rising or setting sun that is just below the edge of the sun visor and attempting to stab my retinas. Even if the glance is brief, I see spots that are blue or grey floating across my field of vision. They remain for a few minutes. As a passenger I’ve closed my eyes only to see the spots swimming across my eyelids. There is the saying that “eyes are the windows to the soul” but they are also portals to the mind. Yet without eyes or sight, the mind and heart still see and often more clearly the human condition than those with perfect vision.

I stare at the sun
Spots form on retinas
Forever image
Burned into my mind
To replace your face

I am blinded
See blue halos
And fuzzy dots
Where you once were

You remain
In my head
You haunt me

Leave me
In peace


This is a little exercise in Diminished Hexaverse. This form is syllabic with 5 stanzas where the stanzas start with 5 lines of 5 syllables and each subsequent stanza has one less syllable per line and one less line. There is no meter or rhyme required as long as the syllable count is within the rules.

24 thoughts on “Looking into the Sun

  1. oooh I like this format! Those floaties I hear are quite common for those over 50 years … I’ve not experienced them yet I hear they are very common! Can still be experienced with eyes shut, come and go at different times … so you are not the only one.

    If looking at the sun blinded one I think all ozzies would be blind … it’s in our face most of our lives, impossible to avoid, so sunglasses are almost compulsory 🙂


    1. Thanks Kate! I’m tickled that you like this format. I’ve had floaters but also the “sun spots” from a direct hit from the sun… We are headed into the “grey” of winter here. It is when we all become Vit. D deficient from lack of sunshine and the rate of depression from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) rockets. I have my sunglasses at the ready for winter because the reflection of light from the snow can be blindingly bright…

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    1. Joan that poem is so perfect! I love it! I don’t feel that the Diminishing Hexaverse is that hard but it can be a little tricky…Inspiration is the hard part and I was inspired by the sun spots – I guess that was my everyday miracle.

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    1. Thanks bunches Elizabeth! I like this form too. As for daylight savings time I’d rather not have to deal with it. It is getting dark at 4:45 pm and that really makes it difficult to go geocaching with my husband since he works to 6:00 PM or 4:00 PM. Either way it is dark or nearly dark when he gets home!


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