Looking Iconic

Calmkate asked on her Friday Fun about icons. This was niggling at my brain for a few hours and then I slept on it. Don’t you know my subconscious went into overdrive. Here’s what I came up with:

I tend to think in symbols, at least when I’m considering doing art. It then is no surprise that when rendering things related to my father I head to the acorn. It is a barely edible nut yet is a valuable part of the food supply for many animals in North America – everything from chipmunks to deer. The acorn is the precursor to the oak tree. Which if you are not familiar, is a very large hard wood tree that has a long life. It holds onto its dried leaves well into the winter. To characterize it as tenacious would be a slight understatement. Once the acorn germinates it puts out a tap root that goes deep. Very deep and very quickly. These trees once the tap root has embedded itself into the soil are nearly impossible to pull out by hand.

But how does this relate to my father? He was tenacious. He had an iron will. He was stoic and weathered many storms. He didn’t complain when jobs evaporated. He didn’t complain when he became ill. He endured dialysis for 10 years. He was diabetic and didn’t cheat on his diet, followed all the doctor’s orders, and never whined or complained. Even when he was dying he was thankful and kind to the nurses and doctors. His faith was where he drew courage and strength. And the acorns he dropped? We are the acorns that have grown into smaller versions. We have a strength that is not always apparent and iron wills too. We have deep roots that tap into faith that doesn’t waver…

So this post is to provide that icon that symbolizes my father. I also was able to put the acorn detail into the post from the back of the book of poetry I made for my mother. She sent me the photos she took of the book. The front and back are just as I had posted but she included a couple photos of the book opened… so here they are:

40 thoughts on “Looking Iconic

  1. Please don’t banish me, but I thought you were going to say that you were inspired to put 2020 onto an acorn, because you were inspired by the squirrel from Ice Age.

    I like your actual reason better, but I’m still snickering.

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  2. What a beautiful tribute to your father! It must be a pleasure to remember him this way.
    Your description of the oak and acorn reminded me of pigs in Spain. They have the most idyllic life, grazing under oak trees in rolling pastures where they can retire to small sturdy shelters when weather dictates. Then, when they are mature, they are turned into those delectable acorn-fed hams that one can see hanging from the ceiling (with little foil drip pans hanging from them) in every Spanish tavern.


  3. Which reminds me of your iron ability/endurance of the bully boss. Is it a double-edged sword?
    ok…more sword-fighting classes in elementary school are needed. 😉


  4. As you said you were the acorns and he was the mighty oak, yes with flaws but also his strength passed on to you kids. They say that the acorn does not fall far from the tree, but it is never mention that with the help from others, they are carried far and wide spreading his seed for more like him.


            1. Yes. Everyone was hoping he slithered away quietly. He did make a weird speech and indicated he’d be back – like a bad penny! Though I think it would be difficult if he was put in prison….

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            2. I doubt impeachment would go that far but if the riots fizzle out without him stirring them up it will prove beyond doubt who the real domestic terrorist was …


            3. True. There were violent clashes with police during Martin Luther King day celebrations. I suspect that the instigators were not part of the regular celebrations… especially since MLK was known for his non-violent protests. Anyway there are bad elements lurking everywhere….

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  5. What a loving tribute for your father, Val, a courageous man.
    Do you know the oak is one of symbol of France since the origin. The gallic people picked the mistletoe in the foliage of oaks .
    An old song is titled the oaks’voice (la voix des chênes)
    In the French army the generals have a kepi ornaated of oak’s leaves .
    Love ❤


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