Looking Sworn

We wander in a fog
No soldiers deploy
Say a humble prayer
Do not let us sink
Pry him from his throne

Don’t the dead horse flog
Ignore the decoy
Avoid hidden snare
Take the time to think
Dodge the hurled stone

Lead away the dog
Hidden threats destroy
Take truth over dare
Pull us from the brink
For past years atone

I promise I’m not going to swear. But it has crossed my mind on several occasions. Today democracy works. At least that is the plan. Our nation is in trouble. We have lost standing in the world. The only countries that like us are the ones that benefitted from the policies of last 4 years. We are still in a pandemic crisis. Racism is out of the closet and strutting down the street. Our economy is shaky. President Biden will have lots of hard work to do in the next 6 months. It will take time, herculean effort, and all the talent President Biden has to be able to rebuild the bridges that Trump burned down. There is lots of work to do to bring this country back to a shining example of what a democratic republic should and could be. There are still those who, in a cult of personality, would follow Donald Trump into fascism. They would willingly destroy the constitution and burn this democracy to the ground. Why? Because they think that they would share in whatever new world riches would be gained. It frightens me to think that there are neighbors who believe that Trump is looking out for them and their interests. I am terrified that so many are “one position” voters. They are willing to embrace a man who has flaunted and defiled all the ethics and morals they claim to hold dear because he spoke at a Right to Life rally. They support him because he has tried to restrict access to birth control, prenatal care, and safe abortions. They turn a blind eye to the families ripped apart at the border, the children in cages, the children now missing, the destruction of the educational system, the deaths and permanent disabilities due to COVID. They are willing to overlook his adultery, his multiple divorces, his litigious nature, the misogyny, even his prostitutes. But the moderates in the GOP have gone silent. Possibly they are now embarrassed by the violence, sedition, and betrayal of the rules of law that they so recently pointed to as separating “them from us”. Now they are trying to back-pedal away from their positions as Trump supporters. We are not a perfect nation and we are not a perfect people. But the people have spoken and it was not in favor of Trump’s America. As this posts, I am holding my breath. There have been threats, rumors, rumblings, and warnings from the FBI that violent protests are scheduled to interrupt the inauguration. There have been suggestions that assassination plots are brewing. This is the most uncivilized and treasonous course of action. I pray that the day will unfold in safety and calm. I pray for the incoming President and Vice President. I pray that the security forces are prepared to defend against any and all assaults. I just pray.

As a note the above poem is a Rima Dissolutas. It is French troubadouric verse popular in the 12- 13th centuries. There is no end rhyme within a stanza but each stanza has the same end rhyme for each corresponding line. There is no required meter but the number of syllables in each line should be equal. The stanza lengths should be uniform…

36 thoughts on “Looking Sworn

      1. I came back to tell you something that amused me, but not in a nice way. A college friend, who remains a trump defender, made a post about how she’s unfriended all her democrat friends except for a short list of people whose opinions she “respects”. I made the short list. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the feeling is not mutual. Then again, what I remember most about her in college was that she thought highly of herself and had some shady integrity.

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  1. I, too, hope the inauguration and next four years are peaceful, and that repair and progress can be made on all fronts. Interesting poetry form… a rainbow of rhymes you might not even notice if you weren’t looking for them. 🙂

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  2. Neat poem form, with your thoughts aligned within.
    I have to say, I’m surprised President Obama is still alive, AND his family. The Secret Service must have been doing double and triple duty, along with other agencies, to achieve that. So, we’re back, or pushed further into a similar scene. We’ve needed to confront all the …dark hidden in the shadows, for a long while. Much work to do; let’s get it done.

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    1. Yes Kim. There were many threats to the Obamas but thankfully they have been safe. I only hope the current Secret Service agents have been vetted… Then again I understand that Trump was less than pleasant to the agents assigned to keep him safe. We do have a lot of work to do – the president and the legislators and every day people too….

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  3. A neighbor who posted a lawn sign advocating peace, love, & justice, has been the target of hate mail. Those who hate are not going away. They enjoy being bullies and it’s going to take a ton of peace, love and justice (emphasis on justice) to get the lid back on Pandora’s box.

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    1. You’re right, JRR. Embracing the truth and making the guilty pay for their crimes is essential to our sanity and stability. I believe in forgiveness. If you kill somebody and you’re sorry for it, you can be forgiven. But you still go to jail. And how is it fair that some are locked up for minor crimes when others get off after irresponsibly causing the death of 400,000 people?


    2. Not much hope on putting it back in the box. The course of action is to find, contain, and remove the ugliness that has sprouted! It is too bad about the neighbor being targeted. Haters gonna hate…


  4. The fears for today have not actualized, thank goodness. But there is a LOT of work to be done, and there are, perhaps lesser, fears for the next several weeks as Biden attempts to undo some of the damage, and right the course of the country. I am hopeful, but it will take all of us to make it work!

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    1. Amen! Janet I watched him take the oath of office and it was a moment when I felt great relief. Now the real work will begin. Trump came into office saying that the US was a mess…I guess he made sure he left it worse than he found it – sort of a reverse Boy Scout!

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  5. I had to be at the VA clinic with Wil and of course they had no working TV. Missed the important speeches. I saw Ted Cruz there was Hawley? They both should be censured along with about 100 more.


  6. I also love the format, will have to try it too!

    Peace and calm at last, without a demented leader to wind them up hopefully they will just fade away … it’s the best we can hope for.


  7. In the end, there was a peaceful transfer of power, with even Trump leaving a letter of encouragement to his successor. The daily disparagement will continue, of course, and every move Biden makes will be second-guessed by the True Believers (Decievers?).


    1. You just can’t please everyone!! I’m hoping President Biden can rebuild what Trump destroyed. Of course Trump had 4 years to accomplish his destruction and Biden’s detractors expect instantaneous results….

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