Looking to Diet

Calmkate posted a little challenge on her Friday Fun blog (https://aroused.blog/2021/02/13/friday-fun-diet/) where she asks about our “diet” that is how we feed ourselves. To that end I wrote this little poem about dieting…

I have been on a diet my whole life
When other girls enjoyed birthday cake
I crunched on carrots and celery sticks
My mother told me to avoid candy
Turn down desserts
Never drink alcohol
Don’t even think about snacks
But she never cautioned me about love
I drank you in big gulps
Ate up your sweet words
Begged for second and third helpings
Licked my fingers without remorse
Until you were gone
You never really knew the voracity
With which I loved you
I am back on my diet
Craving only you.

52 thoughts on “Looking to Diet

    1. Thanks Martha! I think we have all at one time or another experienced this kind of transient infatuation that we dream of making more permanent… Sometimes we get lucky, other times we are left hungry.

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    1. Too many select on appearances which change with age. They find themselves with someone who has wrinkles and weight gain. Their superficial love then replaces them with a newer model. People are not cars. Too bad that some seem to think they are!

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