Looking Chilled to the Bone

Snow encrusts the last rose
Sea foam births ice crystals
Sunshine forgotten in winter
Still my heart melts when I think of you

Sea foam births crystals
Sinking and rising tides
Salt gathers a caustic crust

Sunshine forgotten in winter
Slate grey skies shower sleet
Slowing thoughts and sorrows

Still my heart melts when I think of you
Stubborn flowers coaxed to bloom
Sure that love and summer await

It is really, really cold. I suppose it is intensified by having acclimated to the weather in Florida. My blood thinned and is now on the verge of freezing in my veins. I have my space heater poised next to the computer desk. We have a second one in the bedroom. We have the heavy blanket on the bed and an assortment of fleecy throws and thermal blankets scattered throughout the house. I even have a Cuddle Duds® wrap at the computer. I keep my Cozy Spot hand warmer handy too since my mouse hand gets chilled. Even with all that I’m freezing. My only reprieve is when I come to bed. I let Sparky go to bed first. He is like a furnace and he will heat up the covers better than any electric blanket. When I finally crawl into bed, the sheets are toasty warm. I can snuggle up next to him and slide my feet into the small tent that his big feet make. Within moments I’m comfortable and able to believe that warmer weather is surely on its way.

The above poem is a Trimeric – a four stanza poem in which the first stanza has four lines and the last three stanzas have three lines each, with the first line of each repeating the respective line of the first stanza. The sequence of lines, then, is abcd, b– –, c– –, d– –. There is no line length, meter, or rhyme requirement or prohibition. I tried to add a little alliteration for fun. I think the next time I use this form I’ll try a little rhyming just to make it more challenging…

Looking Happy to be Home

Bet you didn’t even know that I was out of town. Sparky and I headed to Florida to visit my sister. It was cold going through Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Fortunately we were able to make good time and enjoy the travel. We stopped for some geocaches and took it easy, taking into account the driving conditions. Once we got into Alabama the weather improved and Florida was much warmer than home but not really shorts weather. We watched beach sunrises and sunsets, played games (Exploding Kittens & Qwixx), cards – Euchre (won some and lost some), had long visits with my sister, and Sparky and BIL played more Frisbee golf. We lounged in the hot tub, walked on the beach, collected some shells, and laughed and generally had a ball.

They are still dealing with the aftermath of the 4 hurricanes that ripped through their area. The insurance company was dragging their feet but they finally settled the week before we visited. Their final settlement is 11 times what was initially offered and will allow them to make some good changes. Sadly they were not the only ones affected and the contractors are booked. So they are making due with multiple holes in the walls and some “chewing gum and duct tape” fixes to other areas. until the repairs can be scheduled. The hot tub is functional but the cover was torn off and it now takes 2 people to lift it off or back on. Although there are some restaurants still open, most are closed for the off season. Their little town relies on tourism and many of the eateries are not designed for winter weather since the seating is all outdoors… Still between my sister and I (we are both good cooks) no one went hungry. She made a spiral sliced ham, Cuban sandwiches, Ramen (not the instant kind), Spaghetti with sauce in her instant-pot, BBQ wings in her air fryer. It was all very delicious. I made Lebanese Rice and then Chicken Cachapas which were both a big hit.

The trip back was uneventful, except for the paucity of bathroom facilities except at truck stops. We got some more geocaches and I broke the 3400 mark for caches found and Sparky managed to reach the milestone of 3000.

We arrived home with time to spare and were able to return the rental car before they closed (which is a whole different post). We unpacked and I started the laundry and in a couple of days it was all done. Everything was squared away by the end of the week.  We endured our 7 day quarantine and are healthy. (Good thing we have a son working in a grocery who was more than happy to deliver some basics foods).

Today I’m back in the lab for another fun study with my favorite species. I’m on the schedule for 35 days straight (including weekends). I really hope this study is successful and the drugs being tested prove to be miracle drugs. One study closer to a successful treatment….