Looking Quirky

Question my sanity or decorum
Undo status quo humdrum
I resist conformity I wonโ€™t succumb
Release the whimsy I overcome
Kick out mediocrity and the hohum
Yes to flamboyant, fun I become!

I received several gifts at Christmas that made me happy on a cellular level. One was a bunny mask. This sent me into peals of laughter and every time I wear it and look in a reflective surface I giggle. I’ve been wearing it with my bunny hat. I’ve gotten compliments and that is nice but what really sends me are the looks. You know the ones, the side-eye, the pulling the kids closer just in case I’m some deranged monster… I am tickled.

The other gift was a hat. Not just any hat mind you – a FOX hat! Yes, with fox ears! I love the hat. I wear the hat. How cute is it? I entered a store and as I was walking past the checkout there was an ear piercing scream. It stopped me dead in my tracks and I looked around to find where the axe murderer was wailing on a victim (since the screaming continued at a slightly reduced volume). What I encountered made me laugh for several hours (and repeating it here makes me smile again). A woman finishing her transaction had seen me and was so moved that she started shrieking. As she pocketed her change, the screams continued with her waving her arms and pointing to me. I was rooted in wonder and a little fear at her behavior. She rushed up to me and gushed that she LOVED my hat. She offered me money to part with it. I turned her down. For a brief moment I thought she might snatch it from my head.

For those new to my blog I have to confess a proclivity for fun (and funny) hats. I have a bunny, bear, cat, tiger, jester’s cap complete with bells, one with lightning bolts, a Russian hat (not unlike the one Melania wore but I always look happier),

a trapper hat, a Swiss army hat, a blaze orange fleece geocaching hat (with the official logo), a Boonie hat, a fisherman’s hat to keep the rain off my back, a not quite raspberry beret, an Irish flat cap, a bucket hat, and an assortment of sun hats, baseball caps, beanies, and tams.

48 thoughts on “Looking Quirky

  1. These days quirky is welcome in my life, anything to lighten the mood. It’s surprising how few people seem to appreciate silliness in a grown woman. Sometimes we need to laugh that we may not weep.


    1. Hehe! I’m thrilled that you got a good laugh out of this post! I love my hats and have received many of them as gifts… I bought a vicuna wool hat for myself 10 yrs ago at a thrift shop. It was very soft and had llamas or vicunas as a pattern (it looks similar in style to the one in your profile photo) but when I tried it on it was way too big. I gave it to son#1 as a Christmas gift when he was in college. He is still wearing it! It is a favorite. If it ever disintegrates I may have to make a trip to South America to get another one!!

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    1. I bet the wig will be plenty warm in the winter. There is a classmate of mine in ceramics who always wears a ball cap. I hadn’t seen him take it off for many years (10 -15?) and was surprised to see that he was really bald on top! I suppose he feels more confident with the hat on. I hope you can find the wig that gives you that level of comfort so you can ditch the hats!

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  2. The mask is gorgeous. If we have to succumb to masks at least make it fun๐Ÿ˜ I have a possum hat which I do not hesitate to wear in winter when travelling south where it can be wretchedly cold. Everyone hates it. Do I care? Nope – it keeps me warm.


  3. There are a lot of masks from Dr. Seuss characters on. I just have to breeze by them as the elastic kills my ears. As for hats my head is so small and when I have short hair nothing fits well.


    1. Oh Bonnie – I have a head the size of a pea! Most of my really fun hats are kid sized!! I am not above wearing a children’s sized hat if it strikes my fancy! I say go ahead and try some of them on – you just might find they are the perfect size to fit you!!


  4. I never would have thought that you were a fun hat person if not for this post! Just goes to show that if we stick around long enough, there’ll always be something to learn or to warm your heart.


    1. Hehe! I don’t hide it but there is a definite bias in the world that says to be taken seriously you have to be somber and stern. People with a little whimsy are not as smart, dedicated, or responsible. How wrong they are!!

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  5. my goodness Val sending the grocery store into lockdown ๐Ÿ™‚

    sounds like you might have more hats than tights … glad the boys left home so you had storage for your eccentricities ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hehe! no worries about the grocery or storage – all may hats fit nicely into the closet hat bins (granted we have 8 – 2/person and I’ve taken over the boys’ bins…)


        1. Hehe! Nope – their beds went with them to their new house. I have a guest bed and a fold out sofa so we are set up to host if needed. They are always welcome to come over but since their house is just down the way (I could walk it in good weather) there is no point in sleeping over!


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