Looking at the Sky

I finished the last study and am now well into a second one. This particular study requires me to be at work at the ungodly hours of 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM and then 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM for a week, then it kind of relaxes and it is only the early morning times. So I’m driving much earlier than usual. This means I’m seeing some unusual things. For several days I’ve seen a Red-tailed Hawk sitting on a telephone pole on the edge of a field near my subdivision. Yesterday I saw it gliding in a sweeping circle over the open field until it suddenly dropped and pounced on something in the grass. It reminded me of knife throwing as it cut through the air and pinned its prey to the ground.

Today a hawk
Cuts the sky
No rough edges

I give you a little micropoetry. Micropoetry is a collective term for a variety of different forms of short poetry. As a poetic artform, it doesn’t really have any rules. There are also no real character length limitations either though they tend to be classified by the number of words, number of lines, and the number of characters limited by the medium they are posted on… . This is why the majority of poems are less than 140 or 280 characters (old and new twitter limits) or with a maximum of 160 characters (mobile phone limit).

33 thoughts on “Looking at the Sky

  1. A little micropoetry.
    I’m thinking about NPR. I’m going to work myself into a tizzy with my desire to participate fully.
    Micropoetry might be the answer to anti-tizzying.
    PS at work by 7 am. yikes. I guess we do what we gotta do.


    1. Ha! Yeah the early hours are a little rough but I’m able to come in a little later now since I’m working solo. It is only on the days where I have to meet the Post-Doc that are really early days! Micropoetry can be fun but I’m wordy so it takes a little more effort to pare it down! I’m counting on you to participate (but I only made prompts so that you can complete it by posting 3 days a week!)


    1. hehe! A poetic response?! The hours were a little rough but I’m over the worst of it. The early commute is faster too since traffic is almost nonexistent. I saw an owl on a telephone pole this morning. I guess all the predators like early morning too!

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  2. How happy are you, Val , to get up at 6 am and see by this way a special nature show .
    In a far past this happened to me from time to time but I had (and always have such a museum relic ) an alarm clock which rang 7 times !!!
    Courage! 🙂
    Love ❤


  3. Be careful of that hawk, Miss Mousie! But how nice to have seen him by the field ~ ~ I could never be driving to work before 7 am these days, though there were times I drove to an appointment location in time to participate in a corporate call at 6 am! Don’t know how I did that!


    1. Haha! I saw an owl today. The sky predators like to hunt early… I don’t think I ever considered it odd to get up so early when I was working every day. Now it is a chore but I know it will be for a short time.

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      1. I would love seeing all the predatory birds, but my eyes don’t open very wide at those wee hours of the morning! I’m hoping that the herons may come back this spring!


            1. That’s kind of sad. There is a whole subculture that runs on barter – of course you have to have something others want… Mostly I can only barter art for art. Sometimes I get fish for art.

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  4. Mornings are beneficial. You get to look at a lot many unusual activities by the nature. Actually they are the only ones present at that time. 😀
    It was a hawk yesterday. Oh seems scary.


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