Looking for Poetry

Today is the last day of March and tomorrow is the first day of National Poetry Month. I wanted to get this out there for those who were anxiously awaiting my scavenger hunt! This is the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year – Spring, Eastertime, poetry month, swapping the winter for spring/summer clothes, and full on geocaching! There are only a couple simple rules – comment with a link to your poem, link back to this challenge on your page so we can get as many participants as possible. The only deadline is April 30th as the last day of the month. I hope this one has double the participants and triple the creativity as last year. As promised welcome to my National Poetry Month Scavenger Hunt aka NPM 21.

1. Write a love poem
2. Write a poem about lost love
3. Write a Dizain
4. Use the following words in a poem: equal, umbrella, tidy, weight
5. Write a Constanza (this has nothing to do with Seinfeld)
6. Compose a poem about hands
7. Write a poem incorporating your favorite beverage, an automotive malfunction, and basketball
8. Write a Magic 9 poem using a theme of slavery, freedom, or manumission.
9. Write a quatern poem
10. Write a sestina
11. Write a poem that explores a lie you were told
12. Use these words in a poem: delicate, daughter, detail, defeated, daily, dip
13. Write a poem about a mythical creature
14. Bonus: Write a loop poem OR write an acrostic poem OR be daring and combine the two!


204 thoughts on “Looking for Poetry

  1. ok so I read this just as I was starting retreat … did respond to a few of your prompts so will post them over the rest of this month 🙂

    Between my own work with comments on once again … thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Hey! I missed you! I hope the retreat was a success and you are revived and renewed in mind and body. I’ll look forward to what you post but there is no pressure. This scavenger hunt is very easy – not many rules to speak of…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe! Sorry Grinchy-one but it isn’t poetry on demand, its poetry prompts to get your muse thinking and possibly a poem or two can be produced…No pressure at all!! BTW it continues through the end of the month so there is still time to contribute if you happen to feel a poem coming on…

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    1. Oh no – I didn’t get 3 prompts done in one go. I just did the sestina. All the other things were off the record… In other news, YOU managed to cram 3 prompts into a single poem and made it look easy! You win!


    1. I love this one!! She was and you are! That even after a full day of geocaching and being tired and achy you managed a poem is so very impressive! I got home and pretty much just entered geocaches and crashed…


      1. I realized as I was gathering t I ings to go upstairs to bed last night that I hadn’t taken my Celebrex. Probably a good thing since my stomach was feeling dicey in the morning, but it explains why I was in so much pain and joints were swollen. I need a new alternator. Boo hiss. 👎


        1. That’s what Sparky and I thought but that isn’t an end of the vehicle repair… You know his favorite things in the world are car shopping and house shopping. Just saying if you want him to start looking I bet he’d have fun…


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    1. Haha! This is a wonderful Constanza and a light hearted romp of the cat, fly and you… I can almost hear the low buzz of a fat fly making great loops through the house to a doppler effect!


        1. We had a low flyer – as big as a raisin – that sounded like a crop duster craft. And it was crafty too. Finally got rid of it but it took a whole day of being bothered…


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