Looking at True Love

Youthful joy we felt in our hearts
Our new love grew in fits and starts
Our appetite for love was whet
From the moment our lips first met

Your handsome face filled up my mind
Saw you as gentle, sweet and kind
I was yours, don’t ever forget
From the moment our lips first met

Hold fast to my limp icy hand
While life slips away like the sand
Our souls entwined in love’s duet
From the moment our lips first met

As this life fades from white to black
I’ve done nothing that I’d take back
I loved fully without regret
From the moment our lips first met

A love poem to start off NPM2021! This is a Kyrielle. It is composed of 4 stanzas of 4 lines with 8 syllables per line. The last line of the first stanza becomes the refrain in each subsequent stanza. The rhyme scheme is aabB, ccbB, ddbB, eebB.

38 thoughts on “Looking at True Love

    1. Thanks David! I don’t usually write “love” poems… And just to be clear and avoid any drama when my mother gets around to reading this one, it is entirely fiction. I do have very cold hands but I’m not on the verge of dying! Thanks for your concern though.

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  1. You are irresistible , Val
    As your poems are not banal.
    Always they sing a new topic
    And they are built with strict technic !

    This is a ” fauquetian” poem in 4 lines ,of 8 syllabes and with rhymes a, a, b, b!! 🙂 Just kidding ! 🙂 I hope this kind of “poem” already does not exist ???
    Love ❤
    ps : and acrostichly speaking this leads to Yaaa! Is not it German ? 😉

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    1. Michel you made me laugh out loud and Sparky wanted to know why! Ja, es ist gut! This new form is really delightful – I shall have to use it in a poem sometime soon… I’m writing it in my book of poetry as Fauquetian verse!

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