Looking at Redemption

With long arms I knock on the sky
Planets move and shake down the dust
I see stars and their lights adjust

I want to meet God eye to eye
See my creator face to face
Ask for His blessing and His grace

Get answers to the questions, “Why?”
Why the earthquakes, floods and fire
What from me do You require?

Hear angels sing their praise supply
To all the earth and realms above
Join my voice in a song of love

See all creation glorify
And know my place is at God’s feet
As he reigns from the glory seat

Yet I beg and plea and cry
Declare my heart no longer stone
Yet for my sins I must atone

Know words alone won’t justify
A lighter sentence or abate
The severity of sins’ weight

The mercy waiting when I die
That washes my soul white from black
From Hell’s inferno pulls me back

To fulfill NPM21 scavenger hunt prompt #5, I’ve written a Constanza. This poetry form was created by Connie Marcum Wong. It consists of 5 or more three line stanzas. Each line is 8 syllables long and the first line of each stanza can be read as an independent monorhyme poem. The 2nd and 3rd line of the stanza is a rhyming couplet woven in to express deeper meaning.

Easter was a week ago. As a Christian, Easter is the most important event for me. Some people are Christmas Christians but I’m an Easter Christian.  Easter is God’s love for His creation made manifest! Without Easter the promise would have been broken…

41 thoughts on “Looking at Redemption

    1. Many thanks Lorraine! I’m so very humbled that you think this one is brilliant – in execution and theme!! I can’t wait to see what your fertile mind can achieve!!


    2. Many thanks Lorraine! I’m so very humbled that you think this one is brilliant – in execution and theme!! I can’t wait to see what your fertile mind can achieve!!


    1. I am overjoyed that you liked this one so much that you were shouting to the sky! But… I do think you are very capable of penning a poem just as good if not better!


    1. Ha! Yes it is always fun to meet “new” members on Christmas and Easter who have been members for 20 years! This year we had the church almost completely filled with new faces as most of the regulars decided to attend via the live feed… to avoid the craziness!!

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  1. Wonderful. That first stanza is my favorite, but probably because of the lovely image!
    (and good grief. I thought the sestina was a challenge. Yikes. Can I fit into this corset?? 😉


    1. Thanks Kim, I am flattered! The secret to this one is to write a monorhyme poem first and then write rhyming couplets expanding on each line… It wasn’t that hard at all and really fun to do. And yes this is a one-size-fits-all kind of poem! (Somehow I think you are up to the challenge especially since you made be write a poem about Beltane and then about the artists Rothko and Turner!)

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  2. I love this form! So clever! Your poem was pitch perfect. Easter really is the big day for Christians, I agree. Christmas wouldn’t have meant much if Easter hadn’t happened. 🙂


    1. Amen! This was one of those poems that was fairly easy to write and I had an easy time of it – unlike some that are a chore… I suppose the topic might have made it a tad easier too.


      1. After an inspiring early morning walk, I decided to take a stab at the Constanza:


        The snow’s long gone and I am keen
        to make smoothies (so long, porridge!)
        pull my shorts from winter storage

        To open windows, feel the breeze,
        that shakes the dogwoods then stands by
        to watch their snow-white petals fly

        Admire our lawn, so lush and green
        our eager dog cannot control
        the urge to lie on his back and roll

        Meanwhile, bright tulips wink at bees
        while violets somehow camouflage
        their purple amid the jade montage

        And tiny sparrows splash and preen,
        in the birdbath’s bowl, baptized
        Our orange cat watches, hypnotized

        Spring is boisterous… and serene
        Silently, she knock, knock, knocks
        at my heart’s door, sweet paradox


  3. I like the constanza , Val . You are a master in poetry to apply the rules of the poems classification and to have the cliverness to product insteresting pieces .
    Love ❤


      1. I have just clicked on your name at BLB ‘s post and figure , I was on your latest post on Xanga (2017).
        I tried to write a poem in English and In French but I am limited by my possibiliies in the English language !! ❤


  4. I looked up what that form of poetry was all about. I read Wong’s work. and told my self, “Zakiah, forget it. It is not for some simpletons like you. Let the masters do their work.” And so Val, once again, i tip my hat to you.

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    1. NO! You are a master if ever there was one!! You can pull the heart strings and wring tears from a stone!! I am very flattered that you think this was difficult but the truth is that this form is rather fun to do…


  5. Cool, love it! I hope you aren’t depressed. “You shall not see my face and live.” — Bible. There’s no sense in rushing things. We all meet our ends, all we do is unraveled from us. It’s best to serve a purpose in your life, such as writing poetry, art, and thinking! Maybe you would feel better if you volunteered somewhere, where you are needed and people need you, such as a soup kitchen.


    1. Thanks! I’m happy you liked this one. I am not depressed nor am I rushing to “meet my maker”! This was just a poem but I’m tickled that it moved you. My plate is full so there is not much room to add more activities (and that’s with pandemic restrictions still in place)! I never knew that retirement would be so busy!


  6. Perfection! Thanks for allowing me to share it! I hope my friends and others of our family like it as much as I did.


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