Looking for an Exit

Shows some leg
The car stops
She gets in

Pimp demands
More money
Turn more tricks

Hails a cab
Night shift starts
No escape

I was reading a story about a girl who decided to take a job as a stripper to finance her college education. She supposedly worked for several years and made really good money – enough to pay for her tuition and room and board. She was a student by day and a dancer by night. The happy ending was she left that life behind as she received her diploma and got a job in her field. Too many impressionable girls see this as a glamorous life. They believe that they will work and make their fortune. This is not the norm. There was a documentary about runaway girls who ended up dancing and then were introduced to drugs which led them to prostitution. They joined the many hopelessly trapped by addiction and dependence. The stories were heartbreaking. Escape was not a realistic goal. They had nowhere to go, no friends, no family, and an abundance of shame and self-loathing. For many of these girls their exit from prostitution is either jail/prison or death. I know this is not a happy post. It is a sad state of affairs when among all the other parental worries, mothers have to agonize about the possibility that their daughters will be lured into the sex trade!

This is a TriCube poem. This form has 3 stanzas of 3 lines with 3 syllables per line. There is no rule for rhyme or meter.

25 thoughts on “Looking for an Exit

  1. Had this conversation with some young things only recently. Educated girls, one doing her Masters the other Phd. They both reckon many of their peers are escorts or have Sugar Daddies to get them through Uni. Apparently there is one particular culture ( which I wont divulge) and although these women go on to start successful lives there is a tendency for them to “ crash and burn” within a few years. My young friends said “ it does their heads in”. Not so much the drug angle apparently, more a psychological thing.
    Frightening, thats all I can say.


    1. Yes it is! Though I didn’t have any daughters, I have friends who had to have conversations with their daughters. Not an easy subject to broach especially when the media makes it sound glamorous and without any downside.

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  2. Some of us have been there. And walked away, into other kinds of trouble. Some of us had a lot to learn when we arrived at the Earth school.


  3. Sadly, as long as there’s a market… And there will always be a market. A neighbor in my old hood turned tricks to support her son and keep her house. It was a rough neighborhood. She got out of it, and I was pretty impressed by her determination. Her little boy and her dog, Blackie (“Bracky” the woman was Japanese) came to my house many mornings for breakfast. Bracky slept with Sean and in the morning the dog dropped the barrier on Sean’s crib and they went out looking for breakfast. If Sean played in the street, Bracky kept the cars from coming down. He was the most amazing dog I’ve ever known. Just a mutt. When Sunny’s father died in Japan he left her money. Her mom came over, they bought a house. By then Sunny had a little girl, too. Last time I saw them they were doing well and were happy. They didn’t have Bracky any more, but a beautiful Akita. Sunny said, “He takes care of us,” but I don’t know how any dog could have done better than Bracky. ❤


    1. Sunny was lucky. Maybe it was the presence of her mother, maybe it was the infusion of $ into her life, perhaps there was some divine intervention… I do believe that guardian angels come in all sorts of forms – even black mutt dogs.


  4. My daughter has a friend that was doing porn on the side. I won’t even mention what “kind” of porn she was doing as anyone can read this…it is very disturbing and definitely not PG-13. So sad to imagine you believe this is the best way to make money.


    1. I absolutely DO NOT believe this is in anyway an acceptable method to earn money. These girls are lured into the idea that it is a quick and easy way to pay for college and many/most get sucked into the drugs and prostitution. It is a degrading and debilitating (physically and morally) way to live -or in many cases die.

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        1. I hope she was able to turn her life around and wasn’t swallowed by the “industry”… I worry that there are good kids that fall into bad crowds and bad kids that drag good ones down with them. I hope your daughter wasn’t tempted to join her friend and instead was able to convince the friend to leave that behind!(though I know that few escape that web)


          1. Luckily my daughter did NOT follow and I believe she quit the industry however she now has multiple children with multiple fathers and I am horrified to know multiple abortions. It is really awful. I don’t condone any of it and now that my daughter is working full time she doesn’t have any contact with her. It was bad when everyone was stuck in their homes because of COVID. I do know that my daughter has said that she is not a very responsible mother and that if you are going to have babies at least take care of them!


            1. That is a very sad story… I’m glad your daughter has a clear head and has a good dose of common sense. It’s a shame that her friend lacked any guidance for life and continues to lack an example for parenting her many children…

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