Looking to Roll Around

I’ve had a problem with my computer chair for as long as I can remember. The first chair was an old wheeled office chair. It was what could be characterized as a “secretary’s” chair – no arms and a padded seat with an adjustable back. We had picked it up at a garage sale and though it was in good shape it was not very comfortable. I traded that one in for an antique solid oak office chair. It too lacked arms but was a beautiful wooden chair on small wheels. The problem with that was the seat had zero padding. I bought a chair cushion. Then I bought another chair cushion. Then I noticed that the ancient carpet was wearing from the wheels. When we decided to replace the carpet, we determined that a chair upgrade was in order.

The old chair went to the basement office. Sparky’s dad offered to let us have a chair from his “collection”. It is a high backed executive chair with all sorts of deluxe features. It is adjustable in height and tilt. It has arms and a 5 wheeled base. I used it for several years. Last year I got a cushion for Christmas that is the best thing ever. However the chair was starting to do odd things to the carpet! I did some research and asked for a balance ball to sit on this Christmas. After following the instructions and inflating the ball, I pushed the old chair to the corner and began using the ball.

The first problem is the height of the ball. All is well until I sit on it. Then is squashes and I find myself with my chin nearly on the table. I attempted to correct this by adding a little more air. There is not enough air to fix this problem. The second is that the ball is cold to sit on. My attempt to alleviate this issue involved putting my Cuddle Duds fleece wrap on the top of the ball. I folded it and then sat. It helps some. The real fix involved warming the ball up by sitting on it and having the space heater going nearby. But the biggest problem was that this thing makes my butt sore! I considered more padding, adding my special Purple butt cushion, changing my posture, switching off with a different ball (I had one that I salvaged but it didn’t have the plug to keep the air in and the one I got had a spare plug). No matter what I’ve tried it is still uncomfortable after a couple hours.

So we went shopping for one of those floor mats that allow the chair to glide over the carpet and prevents the wheels from making deep dents.  So far so good. At least the carpet has a reprieve!

Looking at Love of Friends

Inexhaustible they bubble
Thousands upon thousands
Words rising from the heart
Affection a green leaf
Full of love to the root
Snowflakes flutter in the sky
Winter hearts lost
But now found
Remain together in harmony
Warm hearts melt the cold
Condense as fog rises
Happiness a new song

We fail so often to express how much we love people in our lives. Sure I tell my mother that I love her. I sign-off with my sister telling her that I love her too. And I tell Sparky that I love him… But other than that, there is a real paucity of affection expressed to others. Americans seem very squeamish to tell friends that we love them. I suppose we have been inculcated to think that declaring that you love someone is automatically associated with romantic love. On the other hand we are quite free to exclaim that we LOVE chocolate, those shoes, the latest fashion, the selected paint color, a new car – you get the idea. We are more willing to love things than to love people. I ran into a Post Doc at the university. She was one of a cohort of Chinese exchange students that I trained (4 years ago?). After completing the hands on training, she was so happy and thankful that she gushed, “I love you! You are the best teacher!” It isn’t every day that you are told that you are loved. When I retired, she was one of the people who made a point of attending my going away party where she gave me a card that again expressed her gratitude for my assistance with her research – and she told me once more that she loved me! There is a vibration, a harmonious song that is created by goodwill and camaraderie, that many do not hear. I wonder if we put that love out into the world and sing it just a little louder, if we can teach others the tune…
This was written for Calmkate’s Friday Fun. Please go to her site and check out all the other great contributions!

Looking Blocked

It finally happened. Not writer’s block but block editor. While the rest of the world struggled with the “new” block editor, I was happily posting with the classic editor. I had found the convenient toggle that allowed me to choose block or classic. All was right with my world. I posted and wrote and posted… Then a couple of days ago, everything changed. When I opened my blog, my familiar desktop was gone. In its place was this alien layout and no choice. I just about had a stroke. I fussed and fumed for a couple minutes (okay maybe it was about a day) and then figured I might as well get on with life. With a little research I determined that there was a “Classic Editor” plugin that would allow me to go along as I had been. I found it, downloaded, and installed it. On my computer. Sadly to get it downloaded into WordPress I would have to upgrade to a commercial website at the cost of $300 USD per year!!!

I was not to be deterred. I tried to familiarize myself with the functions and features. Then I decided to write this post. All was going well – I managed a block, then another. The big problem was in inserting a poem. First, I write my poetry in word and copy and paste into the posts. That resulted in 14 new blocks as each line was a new block. Grrrrr! I deleted. Then I tried to do it in code editor instead of visual editor. Well, I have Sparky the computer programmer available to assist. He was no help! His advice? Google it! Yep. He decided that my best bet was to ask the internet for assistance. Fast forward 3 hours. I finally figured out the HTML code that I needed to use (and how to use it). With extreme effort I managed to get a poem inserted into this post as a single block with line breaks like a poem should look! I was mentally exhausted. and then I realized I’d copied the poem from last week! Because it took me so long and took so much work, I jotted some notes, deleted the poem and then rolled into bed.

Here we are but there isn’t a poem. I figured out the Tags and the scheduled post feature. I didn’t figure out how to insert a photo. I was grinding my teeth considering the learning curve for Block Editor photo insertion. Then like a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning I remembered Pensitivity101‘s post about retrieving the classic editor which was a link to this post. Eureka! And just like that I’m back to the Classic Editor and my world is beautiful once more!